10 Races To Do Before You Die

1. The Athens Marathon, Greece

Athens, the birth place of the modern marathon. Where Pheidippides ran to Athens after the Battle of Marathon victory to declare triumph over the Persians. The Marathon follows the route of Pheidippides, finishing at the Olympic stadium where the first modern Olympic games took place in 1896.

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2. Midnight Sun Marathon, Norway 

Held in Artic city of Tromsø, the Midnight Sun Marathon is the most northern marathon in the world.  Located so far north during the summer months most cross the finish line around midnight in the bright sunlight. A variety of distances are available to run, make sure you don’t miss out on this unique experience.

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3. Lewa Marathon, Kenya 

A marathon like no other, the Lewa Marathon takes you through the beautiful Kenyan wildlife conservancies. A marathon and safari in one; the course runs freely though the conserve allowing you to take in the amazing scenery and wildlife as you run. The Luwa marathon is an incredible marathon to run due to its dedication in raising funds for community development and wildlife preservation in the surrounding areas.

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4. City to Surf, Australia 

Located in Sydney Australia the City2Surf race begins in the city centre, ending at the legendary Bondi Beach. If you are looking to out do your personal best or just have a bit of fun, the City2Surf race is a total of 14 kilometres in length, ideal for every type of runner.

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5. Marathon Des Sables, Morocco 

One of the toughest races on earth. The Marathon Des Sables spans 254 kilometres, taking 6 gruelling days. Compared to as “running from London to Dover deciding not to go to France after all and running back again in 120 degree heat” (Marathon Des Sables https://marathondessables.co.uk/race-overview/) It’s the ultimate physical test (not for the faint hearted)!

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6. The Great Wall, China 

Another testing marathon for you go getters out there. With a combination of 5,164 steps, and reaching heights of 493 metres above sea level, The Great Wall Marathon poses a strenuous challenge. However, your reward will be the magnificent scenery and historic significance of the route.

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7. Niagara Falls Marathon, U.S. and Canada 

You’ll tick two countries off your list with the Niagara Fall International Marathon; Starting in Buffalo, New York and finishing at the iconic Niagara Falls, Canada. Commencing in Buffalo the course continues over the Peace Bridge taking you into Ontario, Canada. A scenic run with a spectacular finish; definitely one for the bucket list.

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8. Ice Marathon, Antarctica

A marathon on Antarctica? Yes, that’s right. Only a couple of hundred miles from the South Pole, with temperature of -20 degrees and altitude of 700 metres, the Antarctic Ice Marathon is extreme, but one of a kind. The most south situated marathon in the world, take on the ultimate adventure.

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9. Comrades Marathon, South Africa

An ultramarathon held in the KwaZulu-Natal Province in South Africa maps a gruelling route from Durban to Pietermaritzburg. Famous for its size and heritage, the Comrades Marathon holds historical significance having been established in 1921 to honour the South African soldiers who were lost in the first World War.

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10. Swiss Alpine Races, Switzerland 

Races which vary in length throughout the year situated in the beautiful Swiss Alps. Whether you are an Ironman, Marathon runner or a smaller distance runner, the Swiss Alpine Races provides a scenic route for you to conquer.

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