Cambridge Half Marathon 2019

The best way to see a city is to get the roads closed and run. This sounds somewhere between tricky and unrealistic. However, it turns out that's what half marathons (and marathons and the 10k) were invented for. You pay some money and out in a few hour's effort. People will even cheer you doing it and offer you a drink of water.

The Cambridge Half Marathon is no different. You get to go through the city centre twice and if you've been to Cambridge on a nice day you will know that it's actually quite hard to walk around the city easily, such is its popularity, let alone run. Throw in some local villages (Trumpington for example) and you realise that this event has everything. 

At Cambridge, Saucony are proud to provide free high-quality photographs for every competitor. Many proudly put their photo up on social media as, let's face it, what better way is there to tell everybody what you've been up to today.

The race was won by a former sponsored Saucony athlete Mike Kallenberg. His wife was 12th in the women's race, I'm guessing they went home pretty happy with their morning's work and let's face it we got lucky with the weather. Yes, it was a bit cold and a bit windy and a bit wet, but, we all thought it was going to be much, much worse.