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Why Rotate Your Running Shoes?

Is there one perfect running shoe for you just waiting to be discovered amidst the colorful array on display in your local retailer? The answer may be that the best solution to keep you running is not one single pair,…› Continue Reading

Product Corner

Ride 7 Sneak Peek


The Ride 6 has been a strong shoe for so many runners, so we took a very thoughtful/deliberate approach to updating the 7th edition. Very early on in the process we established clear goals for how the Ride 7 should…› Continue Reading

Product Corner

Type A6 Sneak Peek


Elite road runners need equipment that is incredibly lightweight and highly responsive.  When every second counts, you can’t afford to lose an ounce of efficiency to a heavy or over-cushioned shoe. To answer such a need, Saucony returns to the…› Continue Reading

Product Corner

The All-Weather Guide 6 GTX

Guide 6 GTX waterproof

Runners face a variety of challenges when it comes to sticking to a training plan, and one of the biggest is inclement weather.  As a New England brand, we have a unique appreciation for running in the rain, sleet, and…› Continue Reading