English National XC Relay

Berry Hill Park

For the perfect transition from track to cross country I give you the Saucony English National XC Relays in Mansfield.

For the last 31 years in early November in Berry Hill Park Mansfield, the football stops, the dog walkers go somewhere else and the running track becomes a dedicated warm up / cool down zone for club runners across England.

We sponsor this event. It represents part of our core audience which can more widely be described as those who can say ‘Yes. I am a runner’. The races are split into age groups from U13s to senior. The Saucony event team, kitted out in the Peregrine GTX and new bobble hats were ready for anything. What we got, was relatively mild weather and a bone dry course.

A conversation with one of the organising team however suggested that this venue was in doubt. It was explained to me as ‘this park will be closed from next week’ which I hope is not true. It costs money to cut grass, pick up litter and make sure the old trees are not going to fall down but it’s open space and we should all value and appreciate such a community asset.

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen (there was a protest about this on 10th November) and that both Berry Hill Park and the English National XC Relays survive at least another 31 years.


#WeWhoRun @SauconyUK