How do I prepare for a half marathon

How do I prepare for a half marathon?

Its not as hard as you think. Here's are a few questions to answer before you start your winter training and get ready for a spring half marathon. 

What's right for me?

Ask yourself that question. You'll need to find a training plan that is applicable to you based on your previous experience and current level of fitness. Once you've found something that looks like it could work for you, make it work for you. Don't be afraid to tweak it to suit your lifestyle and what you enjoy doing. This is really important because we're not all lucky enough to be full time athletes and a training plan needs to get the best out of YOU. 

Are my running shoes the best one's for me?

It's hard enough to get out the door for a run on a wet, Thursday evening as it is without the anticipation of blisters and achy knees. Take a look at your training plan and see if you would benefit from a 2nd shoe for the longer runs that has more cushioning or from a lighter shoe that is faster and more responsive for those interval runs and races. Your body will strengthen and respond differently depending upon which shoe you wear and can help increase your enjoyment and training benefit. With all this training think of yourself as a highly tuned F1 car. They have different suspension settings and tire choices depending on the race/drive. They often have more cushioning and suspension for a more comfortable ride and a firmer set for races. This can apply to your shoes too. Let's also consider the terrain you're running on and look at specific trail shoes to tackle the uneven, often muddy trails over the winter. 

Am I crazy?

For running a half marathon, no! You're definitely not the only one that has singed up so why not drag them out training with you. Training partners are a really good motivation and way of making the miles fly by. Ask around at your running club or if you're not in a club pop down and say hello. 

For those doing the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon in March make sure you check out the event Strava group or even follow Saucony's 3 time winner Aaron Scott in his build up to the event via the links below. 

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