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An Unforgettable Ride

Celebrating the racing career of Nicole Sifuentes

Written by Nicole SifuentesI wonder sometimes how running became my job. As a child I didn’t have any aspirations to be an athlete - »

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Saucony Group Run

Help us test the latest & greatest

Attention runners of Boston - Do you like running along the Charles River? Do you like making new friends? Do you sometimes think to yourself, »

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Competitive Nature

Jen’s parkrun Story

Jen Moroz is a Vancouver-based competitive road runner who has represented Canada at two ITU multi-sport world championships, has medaled in half-marathons across Western Canada, and »

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Chefs on the Run

Six Montreal Chefs Discuss Their Passion for Food & Running

Professional chef. It’s hard to imagine a more dedicated and passionate life that demands so much from those that choose to pursue it. So, »

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Trails for Trials

Susan's parkrun Story

parkruns are full of fascinating stories. Folks from all walks of life come together every week to enjoy the great outdoors, some fitness, and inevitably, »

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Saucony Hurricanes

2018 Team Application

It's that time of year, again!  Our 2018 Canada Hurricane Athlete Application is now open. Below are all the detailed requirements, guidelines and »

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Lynn Jung

Lynn JungFreerunner. Parkour Athlete. Pavement Hitter.Front flip off the hood of an Audi? No problem. Lynn Jung makes jumping from buildings look easy. After all, »

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Nicole Winhoffer

Nicole WinhofferDancer. Motivator. Sweat Addict.If Nicole Winhoffer took a DNA test, it would say she’s part German, part Filipino, part athlete. Before appearing »

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Gear up for your next race with Saucony x BlackToe

Hey Toronto Runners - Gear up for your next race with Saucony & BlackToeCelebrate with 20% off Saucony gear during Toronto Marathon WeekAvailable exclusively at BlackToe »

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Molly Seidel

Molly SeidelDistance Runner. NCAA Champ. Doughnut Addict.Okay, Molly Seidel is a tape breaking powerhouse. A four-time NCAA champ for the University of Notre Dame, »

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Wim Hof

Wim HofDaredevil. Iceman. Scientific Breakthrough.Wim Hof should have a DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME label on his forehead. Get this: He ran half »

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Carl Reiner

Carl ReinerComedian. Director. 95-Year-Old Tweeter.Carl Reiner is the ultimate quadruple threat. The epitome of a living legend. His career as an actor, comedian, director, »

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Ready T.O. Run

BlackToe & Saucony Prep for Fall Race Season in Toronto

There's a kind of magic in Toronto this time of year. You can feel it in the streets as the leaves start to change »

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Kyle Mijlof

Kyle MijlofPhotographer. Cape Town Native. World Traveler.You know when someone asks, “If you could be anything, what would it be?” and you say, »

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Noah Droddy

Noah DroddyRunner. Musician. Mustache.Noah Droddy stole some serious hearts at the 2016 Olympic Trials. Some called him a hero. Majestic. All thanks to his long »

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SUBSETArtists. Creators. Visionaries.SUBSET is too corporate for the artists, too artistic for the corporates. So they decided to say screw it and just do their »

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Eduardo Garcia

Eduardo GarciaGatherer. Outdoorsman. Chef.Eduardo Garcia doesn’t just taste food. He listens to it. Speaks it. He has this crazy passion about finding food »

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Originators Only

Drop 2

People who create social movements and push culture forward know that it doesn't come easily. In 2016 Saucony Originals started the Originators Only project, »

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Originators Only

Drop 1

People who create social movements and push culture forward know that it doesn't come easily. In 2016 Saucony Originals started the Originators Only project, »

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Old School vs New School

Introducing Tim Broe, Head Coach, Freedom Track Club

IntroductionIn April, 2017, Saucony launched a new elite development training group called the Freedom Track Club. The concept is built around the training and recruiting philosophies »

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Run Your World

Mobile & Desktop Background Skins

Run Your WorldOur new global call to action.Push it. Shake it. Find it. Create it.How you run it is up to you.Here are »

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The Journey

For Pat O'Malley, President at Saucony, Running is a Lifelong Conversation

I have been a runner for over 30 years now.  I have run over 100,000 miles in that time.  My job has afforded »

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Finding Your Strong Again

How Michelle Meyer bounces back to racing post-surgery

After undergoing surgery for a chronic hamstring tear in which two tendons had completely detached from the bone, my "life as a runner" came »

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Marathon State of Mind

From Molly Huddle's Small New York Start To Her Big New York City Finish

Updated: 11/6/2016Molly takes 3rd place in 2:28:13 at her debut Marathon in New York City!Congratulations to Molly on her world class »

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Originators Only

@TonyD2Wild | Atlanta, GA

Straight from Atlanta, GA this week, we bring you the next story in the Originators Only series. DeAngelo LaNarde a.k.a @TonyD2Wild brings us through »

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A field guide to "The Windy City"

Fall is upon us, and that means marathon season is here. Folks from all over are making the journey to major cities across the world to »

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Mentor & Teammate

The Key to Success

Meet Rebecca – professional Saucony runner who was born, raised and continues to train in Michigan. She's coached by Mike McGuire (University of »

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A field guide to "The Mitten's" running mecca

Michigan, The Wolverine State, The Great Lake(s) State, The Mitten. When you think of running meccas in the United States, you don't hear »

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Runner Girl Emoji

Another Molly Huddle Victory

Molly Huddle: 2 time Olympian, American record holder, Saucony athlete, Emoji lobbyist?Have you ever gone searching for an emoji to illustrate an important point and »

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Finding my Solemate

A Tale of Long Distance Relationships with my Trail Shoes - by Hilary Matheson

This year has been the year of the shoe for me. Or more accurately, many, many shoes. Trail running shoes specifically, but not just any trail »

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Meet Ashley Higginson

Q & A with Saucony Racing Steeplechaser

Meet Ashley – professional Saucony runner with the NJ*NY Track Club. Not only is her specialty the 3000m steeplechase, one of the hardest track events »

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Inspired to Run

By: Clara Santucci

Running is willpower on display.  It’s one of the purest forms of moving forward, literally, one foot after the other, toward a goal. »

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Meet Linsey Corbin

Q & A with Saucony Racing Triathlete

Meet Ironman Champion. American record holder. Professional Saucony triathlete. Basically the most bada** woman we know. If that doesn’t catch your attention, we don& »

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The Chicago Pack

Limited Edition Kicks Inspired By The Windy City

Welcome to the Windy CityChicago – The Windy City – that isn’t particularly windy. So what’s with the nickname? Theory has it »

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A behind-the-scenes look at the game changing Freedom ISO running shoe, featuring a full EVERUN midsole.

How far could your next run take you? That was the question from the very first moment the Saucony Product Team began to run in »

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