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There is a well inside of me.

When it is getting low I run.

Glorious runs through picturesque places – the runs where I feel as if I am floating on air and could run for forever – those runs fill the well. They fill it with happiness and love. They remind me that I can find the key to my own destiny within myself. They make everything in life seem clearer and leave my heart smiling. They make me more aware of little things – birds chirping in the distance – the smell of spring buds on the trees. The sound of my breath and my footsteps makes me appreciate my body’s ability to run, and run far. All of this adds to the well.

Fast runs – long runs – they deposit and withdraw from the well at the same time. I feel tired and strong all at once. I pull from the well to find the courage to push on through the entire run. Once finished, what was taken is immediately filled back up with thoughts of strength and self-confidence.

Running isn’t the only thing that adds and takes from the well but it is the most consistent. In a world where things seem ever changing running is always there.

There is a continual ebb and flow to the well but running assures that it is never completely empty.

When I feel a moment of weakness I draw from the well. I remind myself of particularly hard runs, long races or moments when I thought I couldn’t move another step, but did.

It’s been said that running is the greatest metaphor for life – you get out of it what you put in to it. Fill your well with running and I assure you that you will get more out of it than you put into it.