Inspired to Run

By: Clara Santucci

Running is willpower on display.  It’s one of the purest forms of moving forward, literally, one foot after the other, toward a goal.  It can lift people up because it is simply good to see and feel that momentum driven by determination.

There are so many runs in my memory bank – some where my feet are light as feathers brushing the ground on their way to the next step, others where I’m willing my legs to lift just a couple inches off the ground, and more that seem just ordinary, but for some reason have stuck with me countless miles later. 

One common thing in many of these runs is the reaction of the people I encounter in my propelling state. They are excited, happy, and sometimes they even clap just for a training run. Almost instantly, I am positively impacted by their cheers and smiles, reminding me that running is not always an easy feat.  Whether it’s a laborious run or a victorious sprint to the finish, running has always seemed to elicit this uplifting response from others, and in turn, in myself.     

Each day I go out for a run and each race I line up for, I remember this.  I never know who I’m going to positively influence with my efforts or who will inspire me to search for a stronger, better me – but I know it will happen, so I keep on running to both inspire and be inspired by this beautiful sport.

By: Clara Santucci, #SauconyRacing Athlete


Clara running with kids in the Pen Pal project of STEEL/Pittsburgh Marathon Program.