Kyle Mijlof

Kyle Mijlof

Photographer. Cape Town Native. World Traveler.

You know when someone asks, “If you could be anything, what would it be?” and you say, “I dunno, one of those photographers who travels the world”? Well, that’s Kyle Mijlof.

He picked up photography as a hobby after college in 2010, then he decided to pick up and travel across Africa in a 16-ton truck with his camera in hand. Fifty countries later, he knew he found his calling. After a few weeks reuniting with his family in Cape Town, he decided to do the trip all over again. (Okay, so we’re a little jealous.)

Since then, his country count is at 64 and he’s literally running the world. His work has been picked up by National Geographic and he was the first person ever to capture West African chimpanzees on camera for the BBC – proving you really can make a living out of adventure. (Where do we sign up?)

Notes From The Takeover

Bo-Kaap is known for its colorful houses. Nobody seems to know just when, and why, the householders of the Bo-Kaap began painting their homes in kaleidoscopic colours but they say it’s partly linked to Ramadan and the celebration of Eid.

Kyle recommends you climb to Signal Hill for bearing of city and incredible views. Then take the drive down Chapman’s Peak for one of the most beautiful scenic routes where you could see whale or dolphin. 

Kyle's tips to making an Instagram Story? Create sequences that help build the story along. Adding sound is also key.

Place he most wants to visit? USA! See you at Saucony HQ, Kyle!

What he most wants to see that he hasn’t yet? The Northern Lights—he hasn’t caught them yet in his many travels, but he can’t wait until the time comes.

Wouldn’t travel without? A hammock! It keeps sand out, keeps everything dry, and is an easy way to ensure there’s always a place to sleep.

Where were those gorgeous views we were seeing? A few minutes away from his house in Cape Town, he was at one of the trails along the base of Lion’s Head. The wind was gusting that day, but typically he’ll head up to the top of Table Mountain (named after its prominent flat top) later in his adventures there.