Marathon State of Mind

From Molly Huddle's Small New York Start To Her Big New York City Finish

Updated: 11/6/2016

Molly takes 3rd place in 2:28:13 at her debut Marathon in New York City!

Congratulations to Molly on her world class performance from her entire Saucony family!

More on the race breakdown and full results at FloTrack.

On September 26, 2016, US Olympian Molly Huddle announced that on November 6, 2016, she would make her marathon debut.

The journey back to her home state of New York has been one for the record books. We took a drive around NYC with Molly and riddled her with question after question, Cash Cab style, about all things running, non-running, emoji lobbying, pizza, NYC playlists and the journey from her beginnings in New York State all the way to her Marathon debut in New York City.

“It feels that running a marathon is a rite of passage for a distance runner,” Huddle said. “New York has been calling me for many seasons, so it's with excitement that I am going to run my first marathon this fall, and I am honored and delighted to do so at the TCS New York City Marathon. As a native New Yorker I feel ready to tackle that distance on a course and in a city whose grit and vibrancy really inspire me. I always love running New York Road Runners’ races from one mile up to 13.1, and by now the city feels like a home course.”

Back to where it all began...

Molly was born and raised in Elmira, New York. Her father was a runner so she had a natural interest, but her high school had no Cross Country program, so she started it. Molly's talent was soon on display when she set the national high school 2 mile record of 10:01. She went on to college at Notre Dame where she was a 10 time All-American, and signed with Saucony in 2007. Molly now trains out of Providence, RI and is coached by the iconic Providence College track and cross country coach, Ray Treacy. Molly's hard work and intense training schedule over the years has led to 2 American Records in the 5000m, 2 US World Championship teams, 2 Olympics, a 10,000m American Record, and more. 

Personal Bests

PBs usually jump by small increments for elite athletes, sometimes followed by long periods of plateaus or even regression. Molly's progression has been an absolute master class of consistency.  She's shaved off almost a full minute from her best 2005 outdoor 5,000m race to her 2014 best of 14:42.64, little by little. She also improved by almost a minute and a half from her 10,000m race at the 2015 USATF Outdoor Track & Field championships to her 30:13.17 American Record at the 2016 Olympics. She's done it the right way, with hard work, discipline and a strategic approach to her career, and has been an outspoken advocate for keeping the sport clean all along the way.

Now she's set her sights on 26.2 and a blank slate.

Back in the New York Groove

After winning the NYC Half Marathon in 2016 and setting the course record, Molly is ready to take on the 5 boroughs of NYC and make her mark on the largest marathon in the world. 

We dug into the numbers and created this data driven view of her journey to NYC.
Molly stretches at Brooklyn Pier 2

But all the elites are fast, what sets Molly apart from the field?

For one, she's a specimen of running power and efficiency. Spencer White, Saucony's VP of Human Performance, has analyzed her dozens of times in the Saucony Stride Lab and says: 

"We’ve been fortunate to have many elite runners come through our lab over the years, but Molly’s strength sets her apart from the rest of us mere mortals. She has an exceptionally powerful stride and generates an incredible amount of power from her hips."

Enough about running, what does she do off the track and roads?

Here are a few of Molly's favorite things, fact-checked and confirmed (or denied) by her close friend & teammate, Kim Smith.

  • Techno Music
  • Oprah
  • Emojis
  • Sweet Treats
  • Staycations 
  • Home decorating
  • Really bad autobiographies (has read all three of Tori Spelling’s books)
  • Being afraid of everything in the real world but as soon as she gets on a start line, being afraid of nothing and nobody 

"Love your toga, Lady" - Molly Huddle high fives Lady Liberty

Molly's Marathon Battle Gear

Every super hero needs a suit, which is why dressing Molly for her marathon debut was no simple task. Below is the masterpiece created by Saucony's design team, inspired by the patriotism and pride of New York City. Read all about the inspiration story behind the kit (coming soon to our blog!).

Molly Huddle's New York City Race Kit

Stay on the lookout for Molly when the start gun fires on Sunday, November 6 at 9 AM EST!

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