Originators Only

Drop 2

People who create social movements and push culture forward know that it doesn't come easily. In 2016 Saucony Originals started the Originators Only project, which features a diverse group of 10 creators (also known as Originators) from the digital sneaker community. Each of these unique individuals uses sneakers and social media to inspire their communities of followers to be an Originator in their own right; and that was our common goal for the Originators Only project.

We are excited to bring you Drop 2 of the #OriginatorsOnly Collection. Featuring the 5 collaborations of @HesKicks, @RealDJDelz, @Bull1trc, @MrFoamerSimpson & @EddieWinKicks. Read below for more on the inspiration behind each collaboration in Drop 2 of the Originators Only Collection.

Video by Andy Madeleine


Heskicks aka DJ Hes, is a sneaker fanatic. He has been collecting sneakers since 2003, which is when he began to DJ nightclubs. As a nod to the analog era of music, Heskicks themed the sneaker design after his first DJ turntable featuring chrome & vinyl record accents, an OG purple slipmat “Heskicks” logo on tongue, platter wheel heel cup, and complete with glow in the dark soles.

Photography by Jennifer Ro


My shoe is inspired by Miami Nights with your sunset / palm trees on the outsole and lining , also adding my cartoon 'Baby Delz' logo . I absolutely love the 80's/90's culture so I used inspiration from that on this shoe too.

Photography by Corey J. Price


With my shoe I wanted to grab inspiration from an old movie poster. So I decided to base my shoe off of the poster from 'Big Trouble In Little China'. Why you might ask, well honestly the colors are crazy and there's  so much that can be taken from the movie and incorporated into a shoe. It also gives me an excuse to put Chinese symbols on my shoe.


The inspiration behind this shoe is Forrest Gump - more specifically the Bubba Gump hat that he wears. I still remember watching that movie on VHS over and over again. My pops rented it from the video store and I think we had it for so long they just told us to keep it! We watched that movie a lot together, all of us, so even today Forrest Gump reminds me of family… it reminds me of how important sticking together is… it reminds me that tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

Photography by Charlie Buckets


My sneaker will be based off my first car. It was a green 97 ford Taurus. It was a bucket. But there's nothing like the freedom of having your own car. I did everything in that thing.Took road trips, went to hiphop shows, rolled around with my friends etc… the car was super ugly, but the color was awesome. It was a shade of green that you don't see on too many cars. 

Drop 2 of the Originators Only Collection features the collaborations of @HesKicks, @RealDJDelz, @Bull1trc, @MrFoamerSimpson & @EddieWinKicks. Each silhouette will retail at $120 and will release exclusively at Saucony.com on August 25th at 12pm EST. Each Originators silhouette is limited to 100 pairs, sizes available will be Men's 8-12,13 & 14. Follow @SauconyOriginals on Instagram, @SauconyOrigs on Twitter or opt-in to Saucony.com emails to be notified as soon as it launches. Check out #OriginatorsOnly tag on Social for more on the collection.