Originators Only

Drop 1

People who create social movements and push culture forward know that it doesn't come easily. In 2016 Saucony Originals started the Originators Only project, which features a diverse group of 10 creators (also known as Originators) from the digital sneaker community. Each of these unique individuals uses sneakers and social media to inspire their communities of followers to be an Originator in their own right; and that was our common goal for the Originators Only project.

We are excited to announce the Originators Only collaborations. A first in the world of sneakers and digital brand partnerships, pushing the boundaries of who is allowed to create a sneaker collaboration. 10 unique designs, brought to you by your favorite Originators. Read below for more on the inspiration behind each Originators design in Drop 1.


The theme behind my sneaker is “Portuguese Gold”. I was inspired by my parents, who immigrated to the United States chasing the dream of creating a better future for my sister and I. I’ve had the luxury to visit Portugal every few years and maintain relationships with my family that my parents left behind. Every time I would visit I would always hear about how great the gold quality in Portugal was. I never really knew what they were talking about, until I bought my first gold chain in Portugal. The sneaker speaks on where I'm from and represents the sacrifices that were made in the pursuit of a better life. 

The hits of metallic gold were added throughout the sneaker to reflect that “Portuguese Gold". Charcoal grey suede accents represent the castles that once protected many of the Portuguese kingdoms and their valuables. The Portuguese Crest appears on the tongue in the shape of a gold coin to bridge the entire story together. An off-white premium nubuck wraps the toe box to balance out the silhouette. Other details include gold speckling on the midsole, gold metal lace tips, and a castle print on the insoles. I wanted to create a very simple and wearable sneaker while displaying a journey that means a lot to me. 


The Green Monster. It says everything about me and everything about the city of Boston. I'll never forget the first Red Sox game I went to with my dad. The things that are important in life are the experiences you have with the people you love the most. I want to take my love for baseball, my love for the city of Boston and the love for the memories that I have had in Fenway Park and bring that to life on this sneaker.


When designing my sneaker, I wanted to focus on material story telling. What are the best leather options Saucony has? What is a colorway that someone as a fan of Saucony, feels is missing. To me, it was the classic "Triple White" that was missing. The design does not have my name or branding on it, and is truly a white canvas for those who have supported me to mark-up to their liking. Whether you chose to make them "custom" or keep them clean, I appreciate your support! 


Looking at designing a Tony The Tiger Theme.  I've done one before and it went well, I saw though that Saucony dropped the Hallowed pack so I will have to make sure things are switched up to not be so close to them.  But that is the theme I came with in mind.


This sneaker is purely based on the Bay Area. I was born and raised in the Bay, and I've come to realize that it is the land of opportunity, and the land of greatness. The Bay Area is something that I will take with me wherever I go. With all of the great cultures and beliefs intertwining with one another, I wanted to bring more people together to represent the Bay Area on their feet. We went with gold accents to represent the California Gold Rush, and we also went with a CRAZY soft nubuck to ensure the consumer is satisfied. Hits of burgundy represent the Golden Gate Bridge and the beautiful sunsets that occur over the area. Lastly, we hit the outsole off with an image of the Golden Gate bridge to pay homage to the Bay once more. A tiny touch that many will miss, but just know that we fully laid out the thought process behind this sneaker to bring greatness to your feet.

Drop 1 of the Originators Only Collection features the collaborations of @Sneakershouts, @YoAnty, @Tylerjblake, @TonyD2Wild & @Sneakerheadinthebay. Each silhouette will retail at $120 and will release exclusively at Saucony.com on August 11th at 12pm EST. Each Originators silhouette is limited to 100 pairs, sizes available will be Men's 8-12,13 & 14. Follow @SauconyOriginals on Instagram, @SauconyOrigs on Twitter or opt-in to Saucony.com emails to be notified as soon as it launches. Check out #OriginatorsOnly tag on Social for more on the collection.