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Run Big, Shop Small


  • 519 N. 78th St., Omaha, NE 68114 / (402)-398-9807

Established in 1994, by brothers Mike and Jim Ewoldt, Peak Performance has helped to improve the lives and health of runners and walkers in the Omaha area for the past two decades. From its one store beginning, Peak Performance has provided the expertise necessary to assist runners/walkers with their footwear, technical apparel, running accessories, and training needs. Today, Peak Performance has expanded to four stores in the Omaha Area and seven total stores nationwide.

“Our goal is to help the everyday runner and walker achieve success in their goals.When you, the runner, succeeds, we succeed.”

They specialize in shoe fitting with the goal of matching the customer’s foot with the right shoe. Each of our staff members is trained in the Standing Gait Analysis. The Standing Gait Analysis takes a holistic approach to your bio-mechanics and is then able to match a shoe to fit our customer’s needs and wants. This way, you are better able to meet your fitness wants, desires, and goals.

Run Happy Hour – All Ride All Ride All Ride Fun RunBeer & Bagel Run – 23 years running.  The first part of November runners will gather to run a 4ish mile course or the new half-ish mile course in Nebraska followed by Beer, Bagels, and Chili.  This race now travels the U.S. from Nebraska to Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.They take pride in servicing their track and field and cross-country student athletes while coordinating a little competition by seeing what school can send in the most athletes.Every March they celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with the annual Blarney Stone Run through Downtown Omaha.They stay connected with the local running community by designing a shirt each season with some local flavor to it. This year featured all of Nebraska’s popular trails, printed in the shape of Nebraska.Run Happy Hour- pre run gathering

The crowd gathering in front of the store before a Monday night Run Happy Hour. The party is out back after a 3 or 5 mile run on the trail. “We Put the Fun in Run!”Beer & Bagel Off-Road Race Series

Staff Kick Picks!

AJ Lage- Redeemer ISO  DJ Perkey- Triumph ISO 3Nick Pellman- Kinvara

Staff Apparel Picks!

Jake Weber- Velocity Long SleeveTaylor Francis- Run Strong Sportop with Siberius TightZach Lyons – Siberius Jacket


  • The Beer and Bagel Run – 4 mile-ish – ½ marathon-ish – Squatchy Challenge, Located at Quarry Oaks, 16600 Quarry Oaks Road Ashland, NE 68003
  • Blarney Stone 5k, River City Star 151 Freedom Park Rd Omaha, NE 68102
  • Radioactive Run 5k, River City Star 151 Freedom Park Rd Omaha, NE 68102

Post-run in Town

  • Nebraska Brewing Company Tap Room and Brewery
  • Omaha Tap House
  • Lighthouse Pizza

Saucony Squad

  • Shadow Rep – Kerry Schmittling
  • Sales Rep – Jeff Haines


By: Kerry Schmittling, Saucony Shadow Rep