Run Your World Cities - Rotterdam

24 hours in Rotterdam with Gemma Hockett (Instagram @gemma_hockett) and Emma Kirkyo (Instagram @emmakirkyo)

Saucony Run Your World (RYW) Cities headed to Rotterdam this week. RYW is about meeting the people who live there and who know their city the best. Those who can lead runs. Those who can get you around a city by bike. Safely. Those who can feed us locally grown food; and restaurants where the beer is brewed downstairs (we were given a tour of the micro-brewery and checked everything was ok - it was just fine)


We talked about, tested and used our Ride ISO running shoes for much of the day, switching to Saucony Originals for the evening. Then we learnt about retail. This included a fabulous tour of Denoism, a denim dedicated store, with thoughts towards merchandising, store location and doing it because you believe in it. A local poet recited running themed poems and the busy schedule was maintained as we heard the story of what happened here on the 14th May 1940 and the sad story of Rotterdam’s tallest man. We also scooped our own ice cream, used the ridiculously fast riverboat taxis and slept on a boat (the SS Rotterdam) look it up, it’s a bit different. A quick tour of Amsterdam on the way home and we were done.


We missed meeting the Rotterdam Marathon race director due to travel issues, missing bags and a double bridge closure. We can’t control everything! Bad weather the next day meant we missed CrossFit. Then again, CrossFit might’ve ruined my Thursday lunchtime group running session from the Saucony EMEA office. Every cloud...