RUNAWAYS: New York City

A field guide to "The Concrete Jungle"

A city so nice they named it twice. Sitting at the southern tip of the state of New York, where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean, are the five iconic boroughs which make up New York City. Home to Central Park, the Empire State Building, and a 46-year-old marathon, the Big Apple promises a visit to remember.



MOLLY HUDDLE, #SauconyRacing athlete, 2 time Olympian, American record holder and Emoji Lobbyist who is set to make her marathon debut this year in NYC!

“It feels that running a marathon is a rite of passage for a distance runner,” Huddle said. “New York has been calling me for many seasons, so it's with excitement that I am going to run my first marathon this fall, and I am honored and delighted to do so at the TCS New York City Marathon. As a native New Yorker I feel ready to tackle that distance on a course and in a city whose grit and vibrancy really inspire me. I always love running New York Road Runners’ races from one mile up to 13.1, and by now the city feels like a home course.”

TIM RITCHIE, #SauconyRacing athlete, 2015 US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier, who truly loves the simple act of running.

  • Click here to find out why Tim choose to be a part of the Saucony Racing Team.
  • Favorite training shoe: Guide 10
  • Favorite racing shoe: Fastwitch

Tim's Marathon Tips:

  1. Trust your training.
  2. Keep an open mind (there will be good miles and bad miles).
  3. Don't give up.

MICHELE GONZALEZ, #FindYourStrongTeam ambassador, full-time working mom of two, wife, former Army Captain / Iraqi Veteran and has completed 14 marathons. 

Michele's Marathon Tips:

  1. Start conservative. There's nothing as painful as starting too fast and blowing up and hitting the wall. The early miles of the marathon should feel slow and too easy! Don't let that fool you and cause you to pick up the pace. 
  2. Be your own best friend. When things get tough, don't beat yourself up. Imagine what you would tell your best friend if he/she were running next to you. Lift yourself up. Highlight what is going well. Repeat your positive mantras. Expect and acknowledge the pain - remind yourself that it is supposed to hurt at mile 22.
  3. Fuel early and often. Don't wait until you are hungry or feeling tired. At that point, it's too late. Determine a fueling plan before the race begins and stick to it. Stay ahead of your fueling needs.


ROD DIXON, #SauconyRacing athlete is one of the most prolific runners of all time. Praised for his amazing range, he was the first runner in history to clock both a sub-3:53 mile and a sub-2:09 marathon. Dixon won the 1983 New York City Marathon in epic fashion as a member of the Saucony Racing team, and capped it off by signing a deal to design a running shoe in his name – the Dixon Trainer (exclusive elite athlete edition shown above). Dixon now inspires today’s runners through his amazing performances that have stood the test of time, and through his charity, Rod Dixon’s KiDSMARATHON, a program that helps keep the next generation of runners active and healthy. 

This year, he's being inducted into the NYRR’s Hall of Fame Class of 2016. We've been inspired (again) by Dixon's accomplishments and have designed a limited edition Dixon Trainer just for him.

“With my induction into the New York Road Runners Hall of Fame begins another chapter in my journey to inspire the next generation of New York City Marathoners in school and in communities. My friendship with Fred Lebow and Grete Waitz connects the spirit and energy of my lifetime as a New York City Marathon champion.”


Trust us when we say, this Marathon is an unforgettable experience. Here are some things to keep your eyes and ears out for while running through the five boroughs:

  1. STATEN ISLAND - You'll never forget the first two miles as you experience the longest and steepest incline of this race. Stay relaxed and be patient as it takes time to get moving in the crowds on the Verrazano Bridge.
  2. BROOKLYN - It's been said that Brooklyn is the fastest of the five boroughs. Enjoy the flat terrain, but don't get too caught up in the excitement of the crowds and run too quickly. You've still got half a marathon to go!
  3. QUEENS - Embrace the sound of the footsteps around you as you make your way over the Queensboro Bridge. With no spectators allowed, this is often the quietest point of the race. Once you turn the bend into Manhattan you can hear the roar of the crowds and start to see the masses lining First Ave.
  4. THE BRONX - Dig deep as you make your way through the Bronx and over the final bridge (Madison Ave). Get yourself mentally prepared for the long, gradual hill down Fifth Avenue.
  5. MANHATTAN - The most densely populated of the boroughs, this stretch of the course will take you through Upper Manhattan, Harlem, Upper East Side and then finish in Central Park. Don’t forget to check out Lower Manhattan while in the city. Home to the Financial District and Battery Park, find out how we were inspired to design our 2016 Limited Edition NYC Triumph ISO 3 and Kinvara 7.


New York City has been called the leading financial center of the world. The Financial District contains offices and headquarters of many of the city's major financial institutions including the New York Stock Exchange which is aligned with Wall Street and anchored by the Charging Bull.

Our 2016 Limited Edition NYC Triumph ISO 3 and Kinvara 7 are now available at, select run specialty shops and at our marathon expo booth.


  • Best view of the East side of Manhattan BROOKLYN BRIDGE PARK PIER 1 & 2
  • Best place to go to feel like you're not in NYC - HIGH LINE
  • Best run specialty shop to get fitted for shoes - JACK RABBIT
  • Best places to feel like you're in Disney World TIMES SQUARE 
  • Best neighborhood to order food & have it be ready in 10 min - CHINA TOWN
  • Best option for a quick, hot snack - SABRETT HOT DOG STAND
  • Best roller coaster in The City NYC YELLOW TAXI 


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Photos by: Jason Suarez