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If your holiday to-do list feels longer than a marathon, let us help you trim it up a bit with this comprehensive list of 26.2 awesome gifts for runners. Whether your best running friend needs some fun silver wings or your soon-to-be-marathoner spouse wants a technical top, we’ve got it covered.


1. Rocks that lay a runner flat out, downhills that twist ankles, roots that trip: all NBD for the Saucony Xodus 4.0, trail shoes with a 4 mm drop, rugged Vibram outsole, and an amazing ability to keep the wearer upright, no matter what Ma Nature throws in the way.

2. While a workout is a welcome break from texts and the like, a phone on a run is definitely useful (case in point: the RUN4GOOD app). The Amphipod Armpod Smartview, which snugs nicely to an arm, has a separate small pocket to hold keys and a large window that allows a runner to easily push “Ignore” when he gets a call—hopefully not from you—at mile 3

3. For those times when an athlete needs to dial back the runner intensity, but still wants keep the runner identity, choose the reversible Saucony Striped Beanie, a wool/acrylic blend, and retro Jazz Low ProsThe pair broadcasts that the wearer knows exactly how to find his strong—and how to chill out.

Beanie: $28; Low Pros: $53
4. Light up a delighted runner’s face and ankle-twisting potholes and sidewalk cracks in a dark route with Knuckle Lights, a pair of innovative lights that lie comfortably across your knuckles and sport 45 (notice-me!) lumens each.

5. Destined to be a fave for countless miles, the Saucony Men’s Kinvara DryLete Sport Top and Women’s Kinvara DryLete Hoody is a mid-weight top, perfect for insulation on chilly days and an outer layer on warmer ones. The men’s style sports a small, clip-on rechargeable USB light for visibility, while the women’s has innovative mitten cuffs and a ponytail hole.

6. If the Three Wise Men would’ve been runners, their gifts would’ve been sodium, potassium, and magnesium, three key electrolytes lost through sweat and found in Nuun Hydration, electrolyte replacement tabs which lightly sweeten water. (Frankincense or Fruit Punch Nuun? A no-brainer.)

$24/4 tubes of 12 tablets
7. Fingers and ears are the first body parts to cry uncle when it’s too cold outside; keep your favorite runner toasty with the Saucony Reversible Beanie, a wicking wonder, and Ultimate Run Gloves, made of a medium-weight fabric and reflective.VIZIPRO.

Beanie: $26-32; Gloves: $25
8. Whether you’re listening to “White Christmas” or “Eye of the Tiger”, YurBuds Inspire Duro let a runner jam through the miles. The cloth cords stay tangle-free, while the customized buds transmit clear sound and still allow ambient noise.

9. Female runners on your list will appreciate this functional lingerie: a super supportive, comfy Saucony Sports Bra—styles fit from 30A to 40DD—and wicking, witty Runderpants that, among other things, highlight the powerful “Gluteus Runmaximus.”

Bras: $36-48; Runderpants: $18-20/pair
10. Enforce running rule #43—relax every muscle you’re not using—with helpful present. The insulated, no-leak CamelBak Arc Quick Grip 21 features an adjustable, sturdy grip that gently rests in the palm, which means no more white knuckling of hydration.

11. Ready for its holiday debut, the thoughtfully engineered Saucony Guide 7 combines a slice of stability with a dose of flexibility and a generous hit of cushioning, making it the ideal shoe for most runners on your list.


12. The Saucony Men’s Momentum Zip Hoody or stylish Women’s Space Dye Fleece Jacket is the snuggly, soft fleece layer every runner craves to stave off pre-race shivers or post-run chills.

13. Suck down a Salted Caramel GU during mile 8 of a 14-miler, and muscles whisper thanks as they absorb the easily accessible fuel. But taste buds throw a thank-you celebration as they savor the delicious gel. And the recipient? All gratitude—with a little salt on top.

$11.60/8 pack
14. The reflective Saucony Kinvara Calf Support Tight, made of medium-weight DryLete and available for both men and women, takes tights to the next level with a innovative, supportive web of FlexFilm around the calves. (They’re so dynamic, you might want to include a cape in the gift as well.)


15. Inspire—or create—a mother runner in your life with Another Mother Runner Gift Package: honest stories, helpful tips, and plenty of laughs fill the pages of Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother, and a “Badass Mother Runner” Sweaty Band and Another Mother Runner bumper sticker affirm her identity.

Books: $12/each; Sweaty Band: $15; Sticker: $2
16. A healthy squeeze around the calves from Saucony Amp Pro2 Calf Sleevesavailable in men’s and women’s sizes, doesn’t just feel good; it also does good by sending healing, oxygen-rich blood to fatigued muscles.

17. An early morning run is great, but often brings on a serious case of the hangries (hungry + angry) around 10 a.m. A variety of gluten-free LÄRABARs, made from between two and nine simple, nutritious ingredients, stashed in a desk drawer—or a holiday stocking—keeps both the vending machine and hangries at bay.

$25.45/16 bars
18. Encourage the younger ones in your life to find the fun in running with their own pair of bright Saucony Kids Kinvara 3, a mini-me version of the popular adult shoe. (Complete the package with some homemade coupons for runs together and entry to a 5K.)

19. Don’t forget the four-leggeds, who love—and live—to run as much as you do. Keep ‘em close by with the Olly Dog Mt. Tam Running Leash, a durable leash with reflective hits that stretches as long as 15’ and can be used either in a hand or around a waist.

20. Find your strong. The words on the Saucony Revel Graphic Long Sleeve, a wicking top available for both men and women, provides a not-so-subtle reminder of the goal of today’s workout—and the reason to keep going, mile after mile.

21. Don’t let your running friends off the hook with the it’s-too-slick-outside excuses. Instead, hook them up with YakTrax Run, an anti-slip, streamlined combo of coils, rubber and removable screws that give any pair of running kicks monster-truck-like powers.

22. When you forgo packing a check-it bag for an away race, it typically means forgoing self-care—and hoping your angry IT Band doesn’t notice. A better option (and a great gift): Trigger Point GRID Mini Roller, a compact, 5” x 5.5” circle that has unkinkable powers.

23. Lightweight and plush: not mutually exclusive attributes when it comes to running shoes. Proof? The zero-drop, super flexible Saucony Virrata, which clocks in at a feathery 6.0 ounces (for women) and 6.5 (for men) and sports an outsole so cush, the pavement feels like it’s covered in feathers. (Be prepared for lots of oohs and aahs.)

24. Give the gift of flying speed with Schwings, super-hero-esque accessories for shoelaces that range from gold lightning bolts to silver wings.

25. Before we cross the finish line of 2013, grab your favorite running friend to toast to our beloved sport—and the friendships it creates—with these clever stemless wine glass and pint glasses from DG Apparel and Gifts. Cheers, and many happy, strong miles in 2014!

Beer glass: $12; Stemless wine glass: $14
26. We don’t have to tell you 26.2 is a whole lot of work, so don’t let hard-earned medals be stashed in a drawer—or numbers in the trash. Instead, display them both with this Running Rack Medal and Bib Holder, which you can customize with color and/or text.


26.2  Choosing a gift for a runner can be like picking between a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and a marathon: You kind of want them all. Make your decision easier with a Saucony Gift Card; the recipient can do the hard work—and you can go for a run.

Available from $25 up to $200!