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On an evening run, a centipede stopped to stretch under a tree where a skunk was resting. The skunk asked the centipede, “Dude, with all those legs, how do you know which one to move next?” The centipede froze in his tracks. He started thinking. He didn’t know which leg to move so he couldn’t move any.  He cried to the skunk, “Help! I’m stuck!” The skunk sniffed, “You’re stuck because you’re thinking too much. Focus on something else, and you’ll run again.” Just then, the centipede looked out to the horizon and saw the moon rising. “How beautiful!” he thought as he continued running through the cool evening grass.

“Don’t overthink it.” Without a doubt, that’s the best running advice I’ve ever heard. And ironically, it was told to me by one of the deepest thinkers in the sport, Dr. Jack Daniels, named the world’s greatest coach by Runner’s World magazine. If you think about it (but not too much), thinking is a good thing, yet an excess can lead anyone to a grinding halt− including runners. After all, the beauty of running is in its simplicity. Let’s not complicate it.

That brings me to the second best running advice I’ve ever heard. It comes from the late, great Dr. George Sheehan, physician and running author who once said, “running is an experiment of one,” reflecting on the need for runners to learn from their own personal experience. What works for you may not work at all for me.  Ultimately, all the advice in the world won’t change the fact that in the end, only you know what’s right for you.

Sticking with the “rule of three,” there’s one more bit of advice I’d like to share: Find Your Strong. With the thousands of messages we’ve received from runners everywhere, that thought seems to especially resonate with the running community. You see, even though we may each have our individual motivations to run, one thing’s for sure: Together, we’re passionately united over our love for running. That shared inspiration is where strong is definitely discovered.

With the launch of the Saucony Blog, our goal is to share the best advice from runners everywhere in a simple, personal and inspirational voice.  In this first edition, guest blogger Dorothy Beal of Mileposts echoes Dr. Daniels advice−“don’t overthink it”−encouraging us instead to focus on the moment, one mile at a time. Triathlete Hall of Famer Karen Smyers shares her “experiment of one” to help you decide on the pool, lake or ocean for your next swim session. In Flip My Workout, Saucony athlete and 2012 Olympian Molly Huddle inspires us to “find our strong” by taking on her favorite 5K workout.

And there’s more: Our team of bloggers is second to none, including Dr. Jack Daniels and the RunSmart Project; Mike Silva of Foundation Performance; Spencer White, Head of the Saucony Human Performance and Innovation Lab; and Dr. Randy Accetta, Director of Coaching for the Road Runner’s Club of America, among others.

And while we may have some of the most awesome contributors in the sport, none are as experienced in you … than you. We invite you to join us in this journey. We’re here to start the conversation; you take it from here to anywhere. Together, we hope to build a training table of community thought, a never-ending journey where “strong” is found personally and collectively, on every run, through every mile, on every day.

Welcome to the Saucony Blog!