Saucony Athlete Picks

Charlotte Arter

 I absolutely love the Saucony Ride 10, which are my favourite trainer without a doubt and get me through a weekly mileage of around 80 miles. My normal racing / session shoe is the Kinvara as they are super cushioned yet light and perfect for tempo sessions and longer road races like half marathons. Recently, however, I have a new favourite racing shoe; the Type A8….this may be because they helped me run a big 10k PB! And the more I train and race in them,the more they are becoming my favourite racing shoe. The first time I wore them was a 12 x 400m on the track, and I found them amazingly light and quick. What’s not to like when you run some of your fastest reps of the year! They’re not as cushioned as the Kinvara, so feel more responsive and the lower offset allows your legs and feet to work harder. I wore them for the first time on the road at the Brighton 10k, they felt really good and helped me run a 32.17 PB, plus they look great!

Tom Marshall 

Without question, my favourite Saucony shoe is the Kinvara. They are the most versatile shoe that I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. Comfortable, bouncy, aggressive, and light, yet supportive enough to run long distances in. I know people who use these as their everyday mileage shoe but I maintain mine for the longer workouts. Any session that includes reps 1 mile upwards, and any tempo runs in my training. They allow me to run fast, be aggressive, go hard yet not put too much stress on my body. It's comforting and rare to be able to wear a lightweight shoe where and feel that you have that essential support with every step you take, even when running hard. With the Kinvara's, you don't have the tiredness in the legs the next day, or the aches and pains that come with wearing a racing shoe when training. The absolute best feature though, is the lifespan of the shoe. For a racing shoe, these last session after session, with very limited wear. I've had my latest pair for over a year now, and I'm still amazed by how bouncy and new they feel when I put them on.

All in all, the complete package. 

Anna Boniface 

Running is a simple sport. All you need is a pair of trainers and you’re away. When I first started running, I had one pair of trainers and use them for everything. Now, I have several different trainers in my tool box for different purposes. I usually have two Guide’s on the go (morning and evening - trainers need their rest too!) for general mileage and long runs. I’ll use my Hurricanes for long runs, recovery jogs and at the gym. Then I’ll save my Fastwitch for sessions on the road or track and racing anything from 3000m to Marathon. Having the correct trainer for the job helps prevent injury and maximizes performance. I regularly get asked “why do you need so many shoes?” My response would be that there is NO shoe out there that can do everything. 

But then I tried the Kinvara. 

When you find the right trainer, it’s like love at first sight. Things just flow. The Kinvara is light, firm and responsive. The 4mm offset gives in a natural ride, yet with the EVERUN technology it doesn’t compromise on cushioning so it can withstand running decent mileage without the fear of injury. For someone that’s coming back from a stress fracture, this is very important. If you wanted just ONE trainer, this is the shoe of all trades. 20 miles easy one day, 10 x 200m on the track the next. It’s the ideal tempo trainer and I would have it as my first choice for a racing flat over the longer distances. It would be my desert island necessity and a game changer for any runner wanting to strive for speed with simplicity.