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Kinvara 4 – The Future of Fast


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It’s hard to believe that we’re already talking about the 4th generation of the Kinvara. It doesn’t seem like that long ago we were crafting the very first prototypes of what would eventually become the Kinvara 1.  Over the years I’ve heard so many stories about how the Kinvara started and where it came from, etc (as though it has developed its own lore), but for myself and the team, we know the real story, and as a result of all that hard work – we’ve created an industry leader.

Runners and athletes usually develop a bond with their equipment. So it’s always interesting to read the message boards or Facebook posts to see peoples’ reactions to the new products we make, but more specifically the passion surrounding the Kinvara is amazing. The emotional reaction to the shoe definitely puts a lot of pressure on us when we update it, but ultimately that pressure pushes us into designing/developing better performing products.

For the Kinvara 4, we upgraded the heel insert to our PowerGrid material, which helps to improve the cushioning level of this shoe. We’ve also adjusted the FlexFilm overlays from the Kinvara 3 to the 4. By exposing more mesh in the forefoot, we improved breathability while still maintaining great lockdown, and conversely we added more FlexFilm in the midfoot and heel area to really help frame and secure the foot through all phases of your gait.

So on behalf of myself and the rest of the design/development team, we present to you the Kinvara 4 for the first time – Enjoy!

- Chris M.
Senior Designer

(Release date – May 1st, 2013. Click on each image for a larger version)

Flexfilm technology in the Kinvara 4 upper

Heel technologies in the Kinvara 4

Technologies in the Kinvara 4 outsole

41 Responses to “Kinvara 4 – The Future of Fast”

  1. Dani says:

    Looking forward to 4s coming out. Loved 2s… ran 3 halfs and 1 marathon in them. but 3 not so much….. trying to figured what to do for Boston!!! Hope they are more like 2s.

  2. Matt Nguyen says:

    OOOH i can’t wait for these. I’m rotating through 3 pairs of the kinvara 3 right now. I’ve got 325 miles on one, 250 on the 2nd pair, and 225 on the 3rd. Very suprised by the enhanced durability over the 2s. I can easily see topping over 450-500 miles on the current 3s. At 160 miles a month, it looks like i’ll likely have to get another pair of the 3s before this comes out. But def can’t wait to get a feet in these bad boys!

  3. Rubens says:

    Amazing! I love the Kinvara 3, but i hope that the K4 come a little wider in the forefoot.
    By the way, why Saucony does not sell Kinvara 3 in Brazil? Last year i had to bring a lot of Kinvaras for me and my friends.
    PS: Eagerly waiting for Virrata and K4.

  4. Cloudarme says:

    DO. WANT.

    still kicking in my kinvara 2′s. never got a pair of 3′s after i ended up getting Mirage 3′s but i would defo love to get in the 4′s, these look awesome

  5. When can I buy this shoe in Europe?

    Run ON!

  6. Chris says:

    Bring back orange!

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  9. jgaylord says:

    Are you still going to offer at least a 2E width?

  10. Michelle says:

    Thank you for adjusting the Kivarna 4 back to more mesh in the toe area like the original and 2s! The 3s don’t have enough give in the toe area with the adjustment made to them and aren’t as comfy as the others….now I don’t have to look for another running shoe the 4s will be great!

  11. Hannah says:

    I REALLY WANT THESE FOR TRACK. I absolutely love these running shoes. I’ve had each generation and love each one. But if they’re released in May I can’t get them for track :( (((

  12. Matthew says:

    HI, are these lighter or going to be than the previous version?

  13. António Pardal says:

    I am from Portugal where doesn´t exists a true Saucony distributor.
    However, I used two pairs of K2 and I´m using now the K3. Like both K2 and K3, but feel this last more roomy in the forefoot. From the photos seems that return to the K2 in the toe box. Please keep the K3 forefoot room size, if not a little bit more.

  14. César says:

    I havent had the chance to yet try the Kinvara3s, but the 4 is looking amazing.

    But please!!!!! make the toe box a bit wider and not so tappered. I mean just a tiny bit could be awesome for some of us ;-)

    • César says:

      by the way, we would love to test and review your products for the mexican/spanish speaking markets in our current new project ;-)

    • Rob says:

      Cesar, do NOT get the 3. There is not ample cushioning in the achilles, so you might blister there. I have bought the 1,2, and 3. The 2 has been the best overall for comfort. The 3 has been the most durable by a mile, but I also have a nasty scar from the achilles rubbing. Looking forward to the 4.

  15. I am a fan of the Kinvara. Had my first taste with the Kinvara 3. Wrote about it in my blog ( . Eagerly awaiting Kinvara 4. Hope the durability is much improved.

  16. Dowell Davis says:

    Please bring back the Blue/Volt or Red/Volt colorways…I can’t wait for the release but please don’t let these be the first colors

  17. Todd says:

    I hope the heel on the new Kinvara 4 will be beveled on the lateral side like the Triumph or more like the Kinvara Trail. The heel flare is way to excessive and unnecessary in my opinion. However, with a utility knife I was able to cut the unnecessary heel material away to make it more like the trail shoe. It doesn’t look like they’re adding any more rubber on the outsole. If this is the case I won’t be buying another pair of Kinvaras because they don’t last!

    • srobbins says:

      Hi Todd, thanks for your feedback. The heel rubbing issue has been addressed in the Kinvara 4 so you should find it alleviates that problem for you. In the outsole, the heaviest element to add is rubber, so there’s a delicate balance between adding more of it, and keeping the shoe at 7.7oz, which is why it feels so fast and light. With 4 generations of the Kinvara to lean on, we have thousands of wear-testing results to lean on, and feel that we’ve found a great balance between durability and weight. if you’re looking for another lightweight trainer with a 4mm drop, but more rubber on the outsole, i’d recommend trying the Cortana. Thanks again!

  18. Tom says:

    Nice to see that you adjusted the upper of the Kinvara 4 to the Kinvara TR. You guys know what Design means. Love to get a Testing Pair of the K4s. ;)

  19. Joe says:

    Wow, I’m still working through my Kinvara 2 stock. I was planning on upgrading to the 3 in the spring, maybe I should just skip a generation and go straight to the 4.

  20. Paul Newsom says:

    What will the weight of the shoe be?

  21. Mariano says:


  22. Brian says:

    WOW! Looks awesome

  23. MD says:

    Love this shoe, I cant count how many pairs I’ve gone through. My only wish is that someday you’ll use a more durable material on the outer edge of the forefoot outsole. Maybe on the Kinvara 5 please?!?!?

  24. Gabe Goodwin says:

    Why is it being released May 1st! Thats way to far away

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  26. Ali Engin says:

    Is the achilles rubbing issue fixed on this version?

  27. Todd says:

    I really like the Kinvaras, but please, can you offer more than one color in a wide version. The regulars are just too narrow. Thanks

    • Joe says:

      I second what Todd said. It’s very annoying that there is only one color in widths. I went to another shoe because blue was such a horrid match with my red/black kit.

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