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It’s hard to believe that we’re already talking about the 4th generation of the Kinvara. It doesn’t seem like that long ago we were crafting the very first prototypes of what would eventually become the Kinvara 1.  Over the years I’ve heard so many stories about how the Kinvara started and where it came from, etc (as though it has developed its own lore), but for myself and the team, we know the real story, and as a result of all that hard work – we’ve created an industry leader.

Runners and athletes usually develop a bond with their equipment. So it’s always interesting to read the message boards or Facebook posts to see peoples’ reactions to the new products we make, but more specifically the passion surrounding the Kinvara is amazing. The emotional reaction to the shoe definitely puts a lot of pressure on us when we update it, but ultimately that pressure pushes us into designing/developing better performing products.

For the Kinvara 4, we upgraded the heel insert to our PowerGrid material, which helps to improve the cushioning level of this shoe. We’ve also adjusted the FlexFilm overlays from the Kinvara 3 to the 4. By exposing more mesh in the forefoot, we improved breathability while still maintaining great lockdown, and conversely we added more FlexFilm in the midfoot and heel area to really help frame and secure the foot through all phases of your gait.

So on behalf of myself and the rest of the design/development team, we present to you the Kinvara 4 for the first time – Enjoy!

– Chris M.
Senior Designer

(Release date – May 1st, 2013. Click on each image for a larger version)

Flexfilm technology in the Kinvara 4 upper

Heel technologies in the Kinvara 4

Technologies in the Kinvara 4 outsole