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At Saucony, we are laser-focused on doing one thing incredibly well, and that’s make the best running gear on the planet. ┬áMaintaining that focus has enabled us to stay at the front of our extremely competitive industry for more than 30 years. While we strive to make every run better, we also know that runners use our shoes for a variety of other activities in their lives. We’re told every day by nurses, waiters, cross-fitters, paintballers and hikers (among others) that they’ve found the perfect footwear in our line for their activity. After all, what it takes to make a great running shoe – unparalleled fit, grip, cushion and durability on a variety of surfaces – are the same factors that make a great shoe for thousands of other activities. ┬áDriven by that feedback, the Saucony product team set out to tinker with our award-winning trail running technology and make our first ever hiking boot.

Introducing the Adventerra GTX, for Men and Women

Check out this illustrated tour of the Adventerra GTX directly from the designer, Chris M.
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