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At Saucony, we run, and we’re constantly engaging in ongoing conversation with the other runners in our community.  When the topic of conversation is the Cortana, we’re often asked what type of runner we built the shoe for, and how we envisioned it being used …  Is it a luxury Kinvara?  A lighter-weight Triumph?  Is it a stability shoe?  An everyday trainer type of shoe?  The truth is, the answer to all of those questions, (at least to some degree) is “Yes!”  The Cortana was designed as a hybrid, merging the supremely cushioned ride and supportive feel of a traditional trainer with a minimally constructed upper and lower heel-to-toe offset.  In essence, we created a bottom unit with the cushioning properties of the Triumph and combined it with a Kinvara-esque minimal construction.  The result is a shoe that delivers a unique set of performance features.  The Cortana is a great option for runners looking to transition from a more traditional shoe to a lower profile (lower heel-to-toe drop), lighter-weight shoe without compromising too much cushion or support.  It also works great for someone who is already running in a lower profile shoe and is planning to step up their mileage and wants more protection.  Triathletes also love the Cortana because of that unique combination of lower offset (4mm), less weight and plush feel.

So what’s changed from previous versions?  The Cortana 3 bottom unit features more ground-contact iBR+ (injection-blown rubber compound, providing a more plush and responsive ride than traditional rubber) than previous models.  The new upper is nearly stitchless, using FlexFilm™ to bond the shoe while providing seamless comfort and reducing the odds of developing hot spots to approximately zero.  We’ve also added a transparent external heel Support Frame™ to offer more structural integrity at the rear of the shoe, and we reduced the weight significantly, to just 9.5oz!

The Cortana 3 releases August 1st to running shops worldwide.

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