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Runners face a variety of challenges when it comes to sticking to a training plan, and one of the biggest is inclement weather.  As a New England brand, we have a unique appreciation for running in the rain, sleet, and snow, and we feel a special responsibility to engineer shoes that deliver great performance in those conditions.  Once you’re out the door, nothing ruins a run more quickly than cold, wet feet!

That’s one of the reasons we decided to partner with GORE-TEX to create the Saucony GTX Series.  At Saucony we know how to engineer shoes that are incredibly lightweight and move with the runner, and GORE-TEX is the preeminent pioneer of waterproof-breathable technology, so combining the technical expertise of both companies for the benefit of the runner just made sense.  Our first GTX shoe was the Xodus 3.0 GTX, the most rugged, durable model in our trail running line.  When we started thinking about adding GORE-TEX to our Road shoes, the Guide was the obvious first choice. The Guide is that “sweet spot” shoe – meaning the level of stability it provides is appropriate for runners with light-to-moderate pronation issues, but it’s also a favorite of runners with neutral gaits who simply want to run in a trainer with a little more built-in support than a strictly neutral shoe typically provides.  Adding GORE-TEX to the Guide means that a very wide segment runners have gaits and stride types appropriate for this shoe and will be able to experience its benefits.

When we add GORE-TEX to our shoes, we don’t simply add the GTX liner and call it a day.  We also make sure to add other weather-ready features – such as a gusseted tongue and a more durable mesh – that further “winterize” the shoe and make it a better performing product for the runner.   We’re really excited to be able to introduce the Men’s Guide 6 GTX and Women’s Guide 6 GTX this season, and keep an eye out for more performance GTX styles from Saucony in the future!

To further explore the technologies in the Guide 6 GTX, here are some visual renderings from the shoe’s designer, Aaron S.P.

Guide 6 GTX early sketches
Here are some early sketches of ideas for the midfoot wrap and heel design on the Guide 6 GTX

Updates from the Guide 6 to the Guide 6 GTX
Here are the updates we made from the Guide 6 to the Guide 6 GTX. Click the image to see the full size version where text is more legible.

A rear view of the Guide 6 GTX with illustration of the GORE-TEX waterproof bootie
A rear view of the Guide 6 GTX with illustration of the gusseted tongue, and waterproof GORE TEX bootie construction

A lateral view of the Guide 6 GTX showing the midfoot wrap and heel midsole construction
A side view of the Guide 6 GTX showing the midfoot wrap and SRC crash pad design in the midsole heel.

The Guide 6 GTX outsole showing flexible design with traction
The Guide 6 GTX outsole, with Saucony’s trademark triangular piston lugs for feel and traction.

Is there another Saucony shoe that you would love to see an all-weather GORE-TEX version of? Let us know in the comments!