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What comes to your mind when you think of the Saucony Ride? We hear terms like “every day”, “always there” and “work horse”. For many runners with neutral gait, it’s their go-to training shoe; the hard-worker in the stable that’s up for any distance, any day. Since the Ride plays such a big part in those runners’ training lives, we know we have to sweat every single detail when it comes time for an update. For the new Ride 6, we’ve done just that, and we’re really excited about how much better the shoe has become.

The 6th edition will be the first to feature PowerGrid as the midsole cushioning technology. PowerGrid is 15% lighter and provides 30% more durable cushioning than ProGrid, and runners will notice the difference. The way PowerGrid is engineered in the Ride strikes a great balance – the feel is not too firm, but not too pillowy, either.

The next thing we looked at was the sockliner. For runners, the sockliner is sometimes an afterthought, but small details like that can make or break the fit and feel of a shoe. For us, the opportunity to improve the runner’s experience, even incrementally, is what we take great pride in. In the Ride 5 we used another manufacturer’s sockliner that wasn’t fitting the bottom of the foot quite as well as we’d like. So we asked our development team to create our own custom sockliner. The result, our new fully molded ComfortLite sockliner, supports the arch and cups the heel better than the old one, and is tailored to the exact specifications of the Ride dimensions.

The Ride 6 also features a slightly more flexible forefoot due to carved flex grooves in the design. The result is a shoe that moves more freely, and allows the foot to flex and propel at the end of the gait cycle.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, by using the latest materials and obsessively trimming ounces at every corner, we’ve made this the lightest Ride ever. At just 9.9oz, the Ride 6 is among the lightest neutral trainers on the market. This will sound obvious, but less weight equals less work, and that’s very important when it comes to making the runner more economical and more efficient over the hundreds of miles they will log in this shoe.

Here’s a look at some of the other updates we’ve made to the Ride 6:

And here are some additional angles