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Shadow Original “Black Razz”


Shadow 5000 “Minty Fresh”

There’s nothing better than a heaping bowl of ice cream for dessert… And nothing worse than a root canal. Do yourself a favor this summer and indulge like a pro. Saucony Originals introduces Black Razz, the seductively sweet half of the Cavity Pack. Silky smooth raspberry suede pairs perfectly with licorice leathers to deliver a street-certified treat that’ll have you sneaking seconds ’til your head hurts.

And just when you think it’s time to call up the Tooth Fairy, Minty Fresh is here to clean up the damage. The patented triple-action formula protects and strengthens your sneaker game, and fights that stale shoe taste other brands leave behind.

Swish or gargle, scoops or cones, make sure you’re flossing this summer with the Saucony Originals Legend Series “Cavity” Pack.

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Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 at

Shadow Original “Black Razz”

Black Razz/Black


Shadow 5000

“Minty Fresh




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Here is a list of retailers carrying the Cavity Pack in Canada, United States and Europe.


(please call ahead to confirm timing and availability)

Ontario: Y&Q Fashion


(please call ahead to confirm timing and availability)

Arkansas: Rock City Kicks

California: Mint Footwear, Neo 39, Premier Boutique,, Private,

Colorado: Division West

Florida: Fresh Rags, Graffeti, Quick Strike, Shoe Gallery, The Archives

Georgia: Abbadabba’s, Kick Theory, Sears Shoe Store, Wish

Illinois: Defining Moments, The Shop One

Iowa: The Full Kit

Kentucky: Established Boutique

Louisiana: Nouveau, Sneaker Politics

Maryland: U First Fashions & Sports

Massachusetts: Sportstuff

Michigan: Bob’s Classic Kicks, Burn Rubber, Display, Premier Skateboarding

New Hampshire: Persona Boutique

New Jersey: 108 Sneaker, Athleisure Foot, Mr. Sports of Elmwood Park, Packer Shoes, Princeton Shoes, Rare Breed Footwear, The Battleground, The Locker Room

New York: Ajays, Basics Footwear, David Z, Extra Butter, MJ Footwear & Apparel, Shoe Village, Sneakerology of East Hampton, Tip Top Shoes, V.I.M., Wealthy Ho$tage

Pennsylvania: USA Blues

Tennessee: Sport Seasons

Nevada: Feature

North Carolina: Kosmic Kickz

Pennsylvania: City Blue, P’s and Q’s, Samsun Footwear

South Carolina: Sneaker FF

Texas: Epocha

Virgnia: Cream

Wisconsin: Moda 3


(please call ahead to confirm timing and availability)

France: Colette, Le Lieu

Germany: Asphaltgold

Netherlands: Lock and Load, No Boys Allowed, Seventyfive B.V.

Switzerland: Chic Chaussures

UK:, End Clothing, Office, Size?