Saucony Loves the Six

There's a kind of magic in Toronto this time of year. You can feel it in the streets as the leaves start to change their colours and runners gear up for their last big run of the racing season. It's a magic that spreads throughout the city, covering even more ground than the PATH.

With the coldest months of the year just around the corner, Torontorians will take to the streets this October to soak up the last warm rays of sun and celebrate the Six in all its glory. And there's a lot of glory to be found! The City of Toronto is home to over 200 public artworks and historic monuments, not to mention to the endless inspiration found at the ROM, Graffiti Alley and Kensington Market.

This month, Saucony Canada is partnering with Toronto’s own Black Toe Running to host a series of events that capture that magic feeling and inspire runners training for their next big race. 

From an intimate discussion about the mental side of the sport with Canadian Olympian Krista Duchene, to an easy shakeout run and a lively cheer station at the 5K mark (powered by local favourite, Jimmy's Coffee), we are showing Toronto runners some love to help you crush your goals! 

And when you do crush your goals, you can meet us back at BlackToe to have your marathon medal engraved to commemorate your hard work. 

So grab your gear, get your crew together, and take to the streets with Saucony and BlackToe to feel the magic that makes Toronto one of the most exciting places to run in the world.