Saucony Originals - Select

"Ramen" - Grid 8500

For our Holiday Saucony Select release, we looked for inspiration in one of our favorite places, the kitchen. Winter in the Northeast calls for comfort food, and we’ve cooked something up that is sure to turn you from cold and hangry to warm and soleful. Our dish of choice is one of the most popular in the world right now: Ramen.

Taking inspiration from his time in Asia, Senior Lifestyle Footwear Designer Josh Fraser created a beautiful rendition of one of his favorite Asian inspired dishes on the Grid 8500. From the engineered embroidered noodle material to the transparent broth outsole, Fraser paid close attention to detail with his design. Ramen has a long standing history, preceding it’s Japanese association in the 17th century, the true origin of Ramen is in China. In it’s early days, the popularity of the dish was how comforting and filling it was for the cost. In 1910, Chinese cooks popularized “shina soba”. Shina for China and soba for the already popular noodle dish. Shina soba would then catch on with the working class; it was the perfect dish for those without much time or money. Fast forward to present day and you can get all different iterations of Ramen, but our love remains in a traditional bowl.

Choosing the Grid 8500 as our canvas, we made sure the most iconic Ramen accoutrements were evident in the design. The Grid 8500 “Ramen” features a mix of smooth & perforated Miso Brown leather - paneled in an engineered embroidered noodle like material to round out the upper. The outsole features a transparent Miso broth with a garnish flecked design and an egg inspired Grid device to top it off. We’ve transformed the infamous Saucony river logo into a transparent Brown Miso river. On the tongue, you will find a debossed leather badge featuring a white Ramen bowl to symbolize a traditional porcelain serving bowl. To tie it all together, we’ve given you two choices of rope laces: a Nori Green Miso speckled lace and a secondary Red Miso speckled lace.

Special packaging can add so much to the story of a sneaker. Since we’ve created a shoe based on Ramen, it’s only right that we accompany each pair with a special Saucony Ramen bag. The Saucony Ramen ziplock back features custom art and nutrition facts. You will be able to use this bag as a dust bag or keep it clean as an artifact from this iconic Saucony Originals release. 

The Saucony Originals Grid 8500 “Ramen” will be available exclusively on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017. Our offering will be limited in sizes US 5M - 12M, 13M & 14M for $130. Follow @SauconyOriginals on Instagram, @SauconyOrigs on Twitter or opt-in to emails to be notified as soon as this product launches.