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Brendan Barrett, who ran throughout high school and college, was getting ready to graduate from Notre Dame and faced the not so unusual predicament of what to do in the real world after graduation. As a computer application major, Brendan was enlisted by family friend Mike Nolan to help him with some computer issues. In the process, they began to talk about what Brendan wanted to do after school and Mike asked if he had considered working for himself. “What would you do if you could do anything at all?” Brendan said he would like to open a running store since there wasn’t one in the Sayville area already. They kept the conversation going and the more the two of them looked into it the more they realized that it could actually be possible. Figuring they didn’t have much to lose, they opened Sayville Running Company in April of 2006 and the rest is history. During our interview, Brendan informed me that he actually had his appendix rupture roughly a month before the store was supposed to open and he ended up being in the hospital nearly a month. In an extraordinary display of community effort, friends and family all came together to do the product receiving and get the store on its feet while Brendan was in the hospital. Despite their rocky start, the store has now been named to Competitor Magazine’s “50 Best Running Stores in the USA” list in 2012, 2013, and 2016 and has become a staple in the Long Island running community.
Store mannequins Gus and Sarah can be found in the finest running apparel and footwear available at the Sayville Running Company.You’ll find quality gear at Sayville Running Co. from the moment you walk in the door. Simple message or way of life?You can follow the smell of freshly popped popcorn to the SRC van at local races all across Long Island.SRC and its staff have been at the top of their game since day one.While the kits may look slightly different today, the classic royal blue and yellow colors of the SRC Racing Team remain the same.

It really comes down to the community we’re in and the personality of the staff. It’s what makes each running specialty store unique. We really care about fit, education, and making sure the customer is happy but what really makes us special is who we are as a staff.

As an integral part of the Long Island community, SRC offers multiple training programs for runners of all levels. They have everything from High School and College Cross Country Summer Training Group Runs to The Distance Training Program (affectionately known as “Track Camp”) hosted by Store Manager Mike Petrina for anyone looking to train for a 5k and up. From the confluence of their Tuesday night group runs, former high school cross country rivals, and various social events, a fun and talented racing team has arisen to represent SRC at various competitions as well. Members of the team run the gamut of new and veteran runners from all over the island who get together to run a few times a week (and always from the store on Tuesdays). 

The store also plays host to multiple races across Long Island which include, but are not limited to, the Sayville Summer Series, the 10 Mile Run to the Blue Point Brewery, and the Long Island Mile. They also partner with a fellow local running store, Runner’s Edge, to host The LI Running Companies Prediction Run & Turkey Drive Challenge

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Post-run in Town

  • Super Bowls in the morning for some great breakfast food  
  • Five Points in the evening for tasty burgers and brews
  • Paradise Vinyl for your post run tunes

Saucony Squad

  • Shadow Rep – Mallory Anderson
  • Sales Rep – Eddie Joyce


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By: Mallory Anderson, Saucony Shadow Rep