Shoes & Brews

Run Big, Shop Small

Owner: Colin & Ashlee Anderson


  • 63 S Pratt Pkwy. Unit B. Longmont, CO 80501 / (720) 340-4290

Meet this great store Shoes & Brews, located in Longmont, CO, owned and Operated by Colin and Ashlee  Anderson. Colin and Ashlee ran at Colorado State University (CSU) and fell in love. Colin, Ashlee and the team loved beer and so, many a Saturday afternoon were spent at the local breweries around town in Fort Collins, where CSU is located. One day Colin decided that there should be a running store and brewery combined. A year later the couple along with a great team opened its doors in July of 2014. Now the store has grown into a hustling operation selling shoes and makes some really tasty beverages. The popularity of the brewery took off surprisingly well and is growing along with the community of Longmont. So stop on by next time in Colorado and check out one of the best Shoes & Brews in the country!

"Beer and Running are just a way of life!" - Ashlee Anderson

One of the most exciting and fun things to do at the store is to participate in the 800 meter challenge. The challenge is to run the 800 meter course in under six minutes. Beers are six dollars and the time you run the 800 meter course is the price you pay for beers the day of the challenge. It’s unique and fun things, that are a part of running, that are incorporated into the business that truly set this gem of a running store apart.

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  • Shadow Rep: Jason Schmierer
  • Sales Rep: Scott Schilter


By: Jason Schmierer, Saucony Shadow Rep