Run Big, Shop Small

Owner: Stephen Genatossio 


  • 12 Lake Ave. Worcester, MA 01604 / (508) 799-7278

Sneakerama, a run specialty store in Worcester MA, epitomizes what a small business should be. Opening in 1978, it has been in the Genatossio family as well as the Worcester family, ever since. Owner Stephen Genatossio credits a great community, personal attention and adaptability to Sneakerama’s success. The store wasn’t always run specialty – in fact they opened selling nothing but Converse All Stars. A changing market, innovation in product and community competition forced Sneakerama to change its approach.

Nestled in the blue collar community of Worcester (pronounced Woostahh), respect and honesty go a long way. During my interview with Steve, I cannot tell you how many times he broke sentence to go greet a customer, by name, each and every time. Customers at Sneakerama feel special, they receive an experience and they always walk out happy.

In true blue New England fashion, last weekend Steve ran two 5k’s on Sunday morning which were put on by valued customers; all before the Patriots game at 1pm. He'd never miss Tom Brady’s return.

When asked “What makes Sneakerama unique from other running stores, Steve said:

“A compliment, a water, a hello, all go a long way here. I look three years ago and see the bridge out front was ripped up, I was losing my father to cancer and we had competition opening 100 yards away, you just got to keep plugging away and love what you’re doing.” - Stephen Genatossio

Assistant Manager, Vanessa ā€œVā€ Genatossio finishing up a transaction with their hand written receipts! Owner Steve Genatossio, goofing with children during a community service event.Owner, Steve Genatossio, helping an armed services customer find a pair of Saucony. Owner, Lisa Genatossio, paying the bills in the harsh New England weather. The show must go on!

Fully into run specialty now, Sneakerama has all the top brands and a redefined fit process. Thursday fun runs, which can attract up to 100 runners, have become a staple Thursday night activity for families, college athletes, masters and kids alike. Each year, Sneakerama sends massive teams to the Falmouth road race, Worcester Jingle Bell Run, Canal Diggers and other famous New England races; their presence is known in the results, top to bottom.

We could go on forever about the philanthropic efforts Sneakerama makes for the Worcester community. I watched on for almost an hour as Steve flipped through pictures on his iPhone, pointing out volunteer events, donation nights, school visits and much, much more. Worcester is lucky to have Sneakerama.



  • Lake Park: Begin at Sneakerama on Thursday nights at 6:30 PM!
  • Worcester Rail Trail 


  • Brew City Pub
  • Vintage Grill for great pizza
  • Armsby Abbey for the best beer selection west of Boston


  • Shadow Rep: Jonathan Pierce
  • Sales Rep: Juris Cooper


By: Jonathan Pierce, Saucony Shadow Rep