Artists. Creators. Visionaries.

SUBSET is too corporate for the artists, too artistic for the corporates. So they decided to say screw it and just do their own thing; and it’s a good thing they did, because it’s pure brilliance. A multidisciplinary artist collective out of Ireland, their passions range from art, marketing, music, and film to finance, hospitality, and clothing. And of course doing it all their own way.

The group’s vision has spawned some serious genius like a giant mural of the British rapper Stormzy to kick off his tour, and another of fighter Conor McGregor knocking out Floyd Mayweather on his UFC gym wall. Oh, and a ton of other epic murals, 3D art installations, music sessions, and stuff you could never choose a favorite from. (Trust us, we’ve tried.)

Notes From The Takeover

SUBSET's friends of the family, Cloud and Brick, took us on a street art tour of SUBSET's work around Dublin. 

Their live music performance can be watched again around the 1:30 mark in the video above. 

Learn more about The Bernard Shaw - A large beer garden, exhibition space, Italian cafe in Dublin. SUBSET drove through the lane which surrounds this venue. It is an institution for street art in Dublin and is one of the places where Subset's artists learnt to paint. 

The original music composition which SUBSET produced for the takeover was created by Cloud, Charlotte Headon (Instagram account here) and Saul Ovah.

SUBSET spent some time with Kojaque - the Irish rapper runs the Dublin label Softboy Records and is featured in one of the groups murals.