Team Saucony at the Commonwealth Games 2018

Katrina Hart - Q & A

What was your first reaction when you found out you were off to Australia? 

It was a bit of a shock actually; I didn't have it pencilled in my diary because I'm not competing in my usual T37 classification. My race in the Gold Coast is a T38 race (for athletes with less impairment than myself). 

Is this your first major international championship?

No, I've competed at my first CWG in Delhi (2010). I have also competed at two Paralympic Games (Bejing & London; Bronze in the 4 X 100m relay in 2012). As well as being a Gold medalist in the IPC World Championships in New Zealand (200m Bronze Medalist in 100m and 4 x 100m Relay). 

How have the early announcements affected your training over the winter? Have you done anything different? 

I think it's been a real benefit. It has given me a target to focus on. During the winter months it seems hard to see how the competition season is ever going to start but by having the CWG in April my indoor season started earlier than usual (just to see where I was at) and it gave me some really important short and longer term goals to work towards. 

What's your favourite CWG memory?

My favourite CWG memory was when i competed in Delhi (2010). I loved the whole experience, I can remember going down to the competition track a few days before I was going to compete and there were builders still laying the track down! I will always remember competing here because it was where I achieved my first ever major title. 

What's the aim for the championships?

My aim is to run the best race I can. It will be really tough as i can competing with athletes from the category above (T38, with less impairment than myself). I am sure that if I execute my race well I can put down a good time. 

What event specific training do you have to do?

As a sprinter a lot of my training is focused on trying to increase my top speed. This is done through a variety of training methods Monday, Wednesday & Friday are spent doing speed sessions, Tuesday and Thursday are 'recovery' days and Saturday's are spent in the Gym. 

How has the build up to the Championships gone so far? UK winter Vs Aus end of summer

My build up to the championships are going well. I've competed a few times indoors and have put down some solid performances. I'm really looking forward to getting to Australia an seeing what I can do.

The Australians won the Ashes this summer and there's always a bit of friendly rivalry but who's going to come out on top in March? (Your event and whole team) 

Not that I know much about cricket but I know we will be a tough competition. I don't know a lot about the 38 class but the other English girls are strong as well as the Welsh, so it will be a close race. The team as a whole should do well and I am looking forward to what the team can produce. 

The CWG are always a good platform to breakthrough from. What is your advice for athletes targeting to next CWG in 4 years' time on home soil in Birmingham?  How have your past experiences influenced/helped you?

Firstly you've got to enjoy what you do: Competing in a home crowd is pretty special and very few people have the opportunity to do that. You will have seasons that are good and seasons that aren't so good. Not every training session/ competition is going to go to plan. I've found that on the 'good days' is where everything slots into place and training feels easy. It's the 'bad days' where you really need to work hard, they're the ones that really matter. 

What will be the highlight of the games for you? (On/Off track) 

The thing I'm most looking forward to about going to the championship will be lacing up my spikes and racing. It's opportunities like these that make all the hours of training worthwhile. When you're competing you don't really get the opportunity to experience watching the other athletes so it will be really good to see some of the action once I've finished competing. I would also like to explore a bit of the Gold Coast and Brisbane and spend some time on the beach. 

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