Why Team Saucony

What an athlete roster says about a company

“At Saucony a good day is when we get to run.

 A great day is when we inspire someone else to run.”

It was not until after I signed with Saucony that I saw this written on their shoeboxes, but the truth of this quote is the reason I wanted to be on the team in the first place. After finishing my collegiate running career I found myself at a crossroads: to resign myself to a few easy miles a day until the end, or to train to see what truly lay beneath the surface of my running results. It was then that I started to pay attention to two athletes in particular: Ben True and Molly Huddle.


What was it about these two that caught my attention, and now the attention of so many runners worldwide? Yes, they are talented. Yes, they are kind. Yes, they have achieved some incredible things over the years. So have many runners. But to me, these two had something unique. They were INSPIRED and therefore were to me - INSPIRING. Neither Ben nor Molly had won a major national title in college but have persevered to become world-beaters, champions, record holders and more. They saw in their running an opportunity to draw from themselves their true spirit. Both are humble runners from the Northeast, both have seen steady improvement year after year, both are committed to honest hard work and above all, both have within them a fire to unleash their potential mile by mile until they lay exhausted in the confidence that ‘yes, that was my best.’ Their inspiration does not come through Instagram (but follow them anyway), speeches or a commercialization of their personality, but rather their inspiration is authentic and personifies the authenticity of the Saucony brand they dutifully represent.

We Saucony athletes may often seem a scattered bunch. We are sometimes found training solo from Provo, UT to Orlando, FL to Providence, RI. But we are united by our individuality. Saucony recognizes that every runner has a unique and personal story to tell, and that it is the mission of the company to support each runner on their path of progress. We are professors, lawyers, fathers, coaches, rookies and seasoned veterans but we are all runners. The athlete roster for Saucony is purposefully a reflection of the company’s ideals. Saucony seeks to partner with all runners as both continually discover and rediscover a passion for the sport, a desire for improvement, and a commitment to be inspired and to inspire.  

Ben and Molly were for me an introduction to Saucony. I have since met many others I consider teammates on the run and have learned so much from their stories, too. Each member of this team pushes me to dig a little deeper and believe a little more fully. Every day when Ben and Molly, or any Saucony athlete, runs or races must be a ‘great day’ for the company because on those days, I am inspired to run.

By: Tim Ritchie, #SauconyRacing Athlete


Instagram: @timritchiewtd

Twitter: @TimRitchieWTD