Top 5 Reasons To Join A 5K Training Program

Saucony X Running Room

Running. It’s easy enough, right? Just put one foot in front of the other, a little quicker than you usually do, and voila! Right?

Anyone who’s been running for any extended period of time knows it ain’t true. And anybody who has tried to get started on a running routine, only finding themselves trying to start again, and again, especially knows that running isn’t as easy as it appears.

That’s why Running Room offers the 5K Training Program - a 10-week running program that is the best way to get that first foot out in front of the other. So, in honour of the 5 glorious kilometres you’ll be crushing in no time, here are the Top 5 reasons to join a 5K training program:

1. You’ll Actually Show Up

Especially in this mid-winter weather, it can be way too easy to do anything else when it’s just about you and your run. But when you’re a part of a group, motivation is twofold. One: making a commitment to others is a much stronger push out the door than one made to yourself. Which leads to two: it’s mob mentality, or peer pressure. We are more easily influenced by those around us to adopt new behaviours. It’s psychology, people.

2. It’s More Than Just Running

At the Running Room, each meet-up starts with a seminar to teach you things you probably didn’t even know you wanted to know about running. Everything from choosing the right gear for your feet, to how to eat properly before and after a run, is covered in these informal talks with experts in the field. And who doesn’t love gettin’ smart?

3. Just Move, And No One Gets Hurt

One of the things you’ll learn in the seminars, and out on the road, is injury prevention. Like any athletic endeavour, proper technique is key to making sure you can keep up with said endeavour. And with run clubs, especially for the beginning runner, you’re able to quash bad habits before they become habits. The top runners in the world all have coaches. Now you can have one too.

4. It’s Better Out Here

Everybody’s hitting spin class. Boot Camps are all the rage. And we get it, fitness in a group is where it’s at. But why stare at the same four walls, or worse, the sweaty backside of the person parked in front of you? Imagine trading it in for fresh air in your lungs, the sights and sounds of nature. You’ll find there’s something downright spiritual about a run through the trees.

5. What Rhymes with Run?!

That’s right. After the personal accomplishment and health benefits, run groups are all about the good times. Who says running has to be excruciating and lonely? A bunch of like-minded people, vocally supportive, all smiles up and down the line - they sure don’t. That run group you’re thinking about joining is just a bunch of friends you haven’t met yet. Hey, in that lovely glow immediately after a run, your guard down a little, who knows who you’ll chance upon...  

Bottom line, whether you’re looking to take up running for the first time, step it up to the next level or just put down your phone and get out and be human, a running group is a great idea.