Tom Talks Shoes

The single most important shoe that you can own as a runner is a high quality, high mileage training shoe. 

For me, this shoe needs to tick several boxes:

  • It needs to be neutral 
  • It needs to be incredibly comfortable both around and under the foot
  • It needs to have an 8mm offset 
  • It needs to have a plush ride 

And these are the exact reasons that I wear the Triumph ISO3. Never in my life have I worn a more comfortable, hard wearing shoe, which allows me to tick off decent mileage, at a great range of paces (from super easy to tempo), whilst not aggrivating my dodgy Achilles. 

What I love the most about the Triumph ISO3 is the ISOFIT, which allows the fit to adapt to my stride, whilst the Everun Topsole gives it a fantastic energy return. Simply put, every stride is as efficient and comfortable as it possibly could be. So everything from a 5.50 pace long runs, to an easier 7 miles at 6.40s feels great both during, and after. 

The true sign of a great shoe is having a pair which you just can't face throwing away when they're old. These are that shoe but I can't wait to replace them with the new Triumph ISO4 when it comes out in December. 

Welsh International and Saucony Hurricane Athlete, Tom Marshall. 

Follow his journey - on Instagram and Twitter via @TomMarshall1500