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I have always had a passion for food, eating healthy, and cooking things that are easy to prepare on the fly. When my new coach talked to me about purchasing a juicer I was curious. I did some research online, decided on a Breville juicer, and clicked the “order” button – I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my new juicer and the possibilities it would bring!

The benefits of adding juice to my diet made sense. I train 3, 5, sometimes 7 hours a day – not only am I depleting a lot of calories, but I also am depleting important nutrients that are important parts of recovery, building endurance, maintaining stamina and living a healthy lifestyle. I’ll burn around 9,000 calories in a single race and I am always looking for any natural advantage I can get that will keep me on an ever-improving path to success.

I have always had a knack for creativity, particularly when it comes to cooking…. so I had an idea. Why not go to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and ask my peers for some of there best juice recipes? I would conduct my own personal taste-tests and see what was nutritionally packed and tasted great.

After reviewing 50+ submissions the results are in! Some of my new go-to recipes are:

1. Kale, carrot, green apple, ginger & lemon

2. Sweet potato, carrot, ginger & almond milk

3. Watermelon, cucumber, lime & mint

4. Pineapple, carrot, orange & apple

5. Spinach, beet, carrot, apple & celery

6. Apple, beet, celery, carrot & ginger

7. Kale, green apple, lemon & ginger

8. Kiwi, apple, pear, spinach & cucumber

9. Orange, pineapple, lemon & mint

10. Ginger, beet, apple, cucumber & spinach

I have found that not only is juicing a smart way to replenish important nutrients – but it’s a ton of fun and a way for me to experiment in the kitchen!