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One of the most important things about running in hot conditions is to understand that everyone responds to heat differently. Make sure to adjust your fluid consumption so you can keep weight loss down to not more than about 2% of your body weight.


High heat and humid conditions will always affect your performance but there are a few things everyone can do to mitigate the effect on the quality of your training and racing. Follow our tips below to beat the heat when training and perform at your best when racing:


Tips on how to beat the heat


  • Hydrate a little more throughout the day than you normally would

  • Wear a light colored hat to keep the sun off the top of you head and face.

  • If it’s really hot, run your top and hat under cold water before heading out the door. This will make a HUGE difference in keeping your core body temperature down.

  • Get out early! Morning runs will be your coolest option.

  • Plan a route that will ensure lots of shade (trails, tree lined street) – it makes a huge difference!

  • Whether you’re bringing water with you or stopping at water fountains always use some to soak your head to help keep your body temperature down.


Tips on preparing for a hot weather race


  • Get in some running during warmer conditions so your body can adjust to heat.

  • If wearing a cap, use one that allows airflow through the material of the cap.

  • Wear the same shoes, cap, sun glasses, clothing you anticipate wearing during a coming race.

  • After a warm-up for a race, cool your body with cold towels or even some ice packs rubbed on the skin.

  • While waiting for the race to start, stay in the shade as much as possible


Lastly, don’t forget to use the new Running Calculator from the Run S.M.A.R.T. Project to adjust your training paces for extreme heat. Input a recent race result, click the training tab, then add in the temperature you’ll be training in.