Vertical Runner

A store with some serious "altitude"


  • 301-1 N Main Street, Denver, CO 80424 / (970)-423-6116

Meet Vertical Runner the store with the most "altitude in the country" and the owner Dean Eastman. The store has the look of a hut you would find climbing Everest and soul to go along with it.  Dean has been a runner his whole life. He ran in high School and college and now his son is headed off to University of Colorado – Colorado Springs and will be joining UCCS’ track and cross country program – running is in their blood. This store is located on Main Street in Breckenridge, in the heart of ski country. Running is one of the best ways to stay fit in general and is great cross training for skiing.

"[What makes our store unique is that it's] the highest running shop in the nation!"  - Dean Eastman

Vertical Runner is a team of great people. Before Dean Eastman took over ownership the store was owned and operated by Molly Mikita. Molly had a background in retail and saw the need for a running store in Breckenridge. Molly came to running later in life having been a swimmer in high school and college. She moved to Breckenridge and opened Vertical Runner in 2013. Then she branched out further and helped revive the Breckenridge Marathon – the highest Marathon in the country. The partnership between Dean and Molly makes this one of the most unique stores in Summit Country, Colorado and running stores in the country.

Entrance to shopDean Standing out back on the community patio.The nutrition area decorated Nepal style.Entrance photo with Dean and MollyNew Shoe BoardUpstairs in Vertical Runner


  • The Colorado Trail
  • Frisco Peninsula
  • Mt. Ullr Fourteener


  • Take some ski laps at Breckenridge during the winter.
  • Hit some of the best mountain biking in the country during the summer.
  • Go sailing on one of the highest lakes in the country during the summer.



  • Shadow Rep – Jason Schmierer
  • Sales Rep – Scott Schilter

By:  Jason Schmierer, Saucony Shadow Rep