Crystal & Bob Bacon

It all began at a local race in North Wales, PA.  

Bob knew of Crystal from past races and decided to conjure up some small talk at the bib pick-up the night before the Tex Mex 5k. The following day, they warmed up together, along with mutual friends, again making small talk.  Just before the race began, Bob strategically positioned himself next to Crystal. It was the hottest day of the year, and this took its toll on Bob fairly early into the race.  Although he felt awful, he said to himself “if she beats me, she will never respect me.” Bob managed to persevere and finish ahead of Crystal; however, shortly after the race, heat exhaustion kicked in. He ended up being placed in an ambulance and taken to the hospital. After 2 ½ liters of I.V. fluid, he felt much better. Bob called a friend from his hospital bed to let him and the other runners know he was feeling better, but he also had a request, “Put in a good word for me,” Bob said. Crystal was concerned after hearing about Bob so she asked that friend for his phone number to see how he was feeling. She sent him a text and the rest is history…

"We found love at a local race" 

"We found love at a local race" has been our saying since the beginning. Bob loves to change words to songs and this one really stuck with us! We actually typed up our story for our guests. Most knew the whole story, since Bob claims to have "faked heat exhaustion to get my attention" but for the few who didn't, we figured they would appreciate knowing. This is, of course, the abbreviated version. Bob is a champ at telling the long story.


We love to run together. We usually run together on weekends but every once in awhile Bob is willing to wake up before work to get a run in early. I have always been a morning runner and he has always been a night runner. I guess opposites do attract! 

We chose to live in Skippack, PA solely for its location. We have plenty of trails to choose from including Evansburg State Park (our first planned run together), Perkiomen Trail, Green Lane, Valley Green, Wissahicken Green Ribbon Trail, Chester Valley Trail, and the Schuylkill River Trail that connects to the Perkiomen Trail and goes all the way into Philadelphia. 


This is tough because I love so many of them and each pair has a different purpose for my training. I would say the Kinvara since it satisfies so many of my training runs (easy, fartleks, long runs, etc). My second favorite is the Triumph ISO because the cushioning from the EVERUN is amazing. If I know I will be running on a lot of pavement or I just need the extra cushioning for a recovery day. They're my go to shoe. I recently introduced the Guide to Bob (he has always needed stability shoes) and he loves them. 


We always say anything shorter than a 5K... Bob wins... Anything longer than a 5K... Crystal wins... and the 5K is whoever has a better day! 

Crystal: Mile - 4:47, 5K - 16:50, 10miles - 56:59, Half Marathon - 1:16:55 

Bob: Mile - 4:28, 5K - 16:47, 10miles - 59:45, Half Marathon - 1:19:56


We always knew we wanted to incorporate running into our wedding but we wanted to do it in a classy way. Saucony Originals were the perfect solution. I actually already have a few pairs, and the Jazz Original is one of my favorites. I asked around and was informed the Women's DXN Trainer would fit similar, and it does! I chose the DXN trainer because I knew the color would be perfect for the wedding. Our bridesmaids dresses were eggplant and our groomsmen wore a charcoal gray. I chose the Men's Shadow Vegan for two reasons: 1. The color matched our wedding flowers perfectly! 2. I knew it had a loose fit around the foot and with Bob (and a few other groomsmen) having wider feet, it made for a perfect fit! The shoes were our gifts to our wedding party and everyone LOVED them. In fact, its been two months since our wedding, and we love seeing our friends continue wear them! As for Rod Dixon... I knew there was a shoe named after him, but I didn't realize the "DXN" was short for Dixon until now. I feel very silly now, not realizing that! 


I love listening to 90's Hip Hop but mostly because Bob is able to rap word-for-word any 90's Hip Hop song. In fact, he can rap word-for-word most songs, but those are my favorite while listening to him. We also love to dance! Any wedding we go to, we're usually the two on the dance floor all night. I'm the type of person if its after 9:00pm and I am sitting, I am probably fighting sleep so dancing keeps me awake! 

I am also the associate Cross Country and Track & Field coach at Ursinus College. I absolutely love this job and love helping the athletes reach new PRs! Something I am extremely intrigued with learning more about is the mental aspect of training. This has been my go-to reading recently (when I have a chance)! The hardest part about being a coach is seeing the potential in an athlete but their mind holds them back. 

It was an honor to have David Bracetty and Greg Pammer photograph at our wedding. I actually know David from when I competed in college at Slippery Rock University. David always took photos at our PSAC Conference Meets. We were able to reconnect when they photographed our friends' wedding a year ago and my thought was... well if he can capture moving objects, then they will be perfect for our wedding. 


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