We Who Run with Noah Droddy

Meet the Athletes that bring We Who Run to Life

Noah Droddy grew up in a close knit neighborhood on the Eastside of Indianapolis where his mom still lives and he visits often. He did just about everything except run (including football, wasn't pretty) until his dad convinced him to go out for the cross country team in high-school. His priority was his rock band (Where's the cake?), until he started college at DePauw University and took the running thing more seriously. After getting a little better every year, and content with a career well run Noah thought the road had ended after college, and hung up the racing spikes. The bug kept coming back however, and Noah is still running. Moving to Boulder in 2015 and making an investment in his craft paid off. He would go on to compete at both the Olympic Marathon Trials and the 10,000 meter track trials, and lower his PR's for every distance along the way. He continues to train in Boulder, Colorado where he cares for a retired racing greyhound and enjoys the local brews.

Noah is one if the accomplished athletes that inspires our amazing community  of runners to get out and get better ever day. Learn more about what We Who Run means to him. 

When were you introduced to running?

My dad was a talented runner, and continued running into my childhood. I was never pressured towards running, but in High School my dad suggested I go out for the team. I was willing to try something new, and have been going ever since.

What do you love about being a part of the running community?

The running community values the pursuit of one's best. It also values supporting others who have embarked on that same journey. That unconditional support is what I love most about the community. The feeling of mutual respect, and shared joy of accomplishing what you set out to, are common. It's not political, or prejudiced, it's just running.

What keeps you coming back after the rough days?

I've had enough rough days at this point in my running life, that I understand that they're an inevitable part of the sport. Take them as they come and move on. One of my mantras - "I believe in the good things coming."

What are your plans for the future?

Planning to continue to train with the hope of making my loved ones and supporters proud. I'm coming off an injury this summer, but healthy now, and I'm continuing to increase my training load hoping to be ready for races late in the year. What gets me out of bed in the morning now is the thought of a fast Spring marathon.

The Saucony Team is grateful to our talented team of athletes that inspire us daily. Tune in for more athlete stories & what We Who Run means to them.