Wim Hof

Daredevil. Iceman. Scientific Breakthrough.

Wim Hof should have a DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME label on his forehead. Get this: He ran half a marathon in Lapland at -30ºC. Swam hundreds of meters under ice from one hole to the next. Climbed Mount Everest practically naked. Sat in a pool of ice for over ninety minutes. Even as kid Wim ran through the snow barefoot. Is this guy human or straight out of Marvel?

In 2008, Wim didn’t want to be known as a circus act anymore. “Scientific breakthrough” had a better ring to it. He made it his mission to empower people to actually run their world, by giving them tools through natural method to show them they can do more than they ever thought possible. (Crazy? Keep reading.)

So, he partnered with researchers to uncover a medical mystery. Could he actually influence his immune system to naturally overcome an endotoxin that gave his body flu-like symptoms? It had never been done before. Until he did it. Mic drop. Now he spreads the Wim Hof Method with those who want to naturally control their own health and well-being. Incredible? Yes. Impossible? No way.

Notes From The Takeover

Wim went live on Instagram to answer questions and share more about his method. Check out the video at the bottom of the page. 

Visit Wim’s YouTube Channel, especially the Homo Arcticus video if you're up for a chuckle. 

Biology Now - PDF Download

Interested in his Fundamentals Course? Check it out. You can also learn more about the 10-Week Video Course he spoke about here

Or view a free mini-class to get started

Vice produced a documentary, Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman, that we highlight recommend watching. 

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