Cold Snap Shots

In a country as vast and varied as Canada, it can be hard to say just when winter comes to a close. For some, the long thaw has begun. For others, there is a generous new layer on the driveway from just this morning. But no matter where you find yourself, one thing is for sure: our Winter Warrior contest must finally sink into the pink and orange sky beyond the treeline. For our last entry this season, we want to look back and celebrate the dedicated, the brave and sometimes the downright wild Canadian Winter Warrior.

There were the snow-shoers. Sometimes it’s hard to believe you’re actually out there surrounded by all that white stuff. All you can do is look down and document what you see. This is me. I was there.

There were those that don’t go anywhere without their best running partner. Six legs are always better than two.

There were those that learned the hard way that age-old chemistry lesson: that is, sweat freezes. And does so to the maximum amusement of all those looking on.

There were those that knew that miles love company. As does motivation, enthusiasm, and accomplishment. A toast to the Winter Warrior Crew!

Finally, there were those that were loving every single frozen, snowy, dark, damp, way-too-early-for-this moment. The most common element in all the incredible photos you posted, it’s the one indispensable piece of winter running gear. It’s that smile.

Thank you to all the Winter Warriors that shared your challenges and triumphs with us this season. And if you haven’t shared your spirit with us yet, it’s not too late. We’re accepting entries right up until the end of February.

Here’s to warmer, drier training. You’ve earned it. And here’s to doing it all again next snowfall!